Friday, February 09, 2018

The Prop Rep Chronicles....Hop On The Bus Gus....errrr...Bill


From the Twitmachine feed of the irrepressible Ms. Always Campaigning...


Isn't this 'nobody's talkin' bout it' thingy exactly the same strate(r)gy being employed by the newly-minted leader of Ms. Anton's party.

Imagine that!

And why are Ms. Anton and Mr. Tieleman suddenly on the same side of an issue such as this?...Well, you know....Sub-header!
As for the earworm induced by the header....This oughtta take care of it.



Lew said...

"Tieleman, Anton and Plecas want their group to become the official proponent for the 'no' side of the issue, which, according to the Electoral Reform Referendum Act 2018, could entitle them to public funds to make their case."

So our ex- Attorney General wants public money to make her case on an issue she says exactly no one thinks is important?

She must be dizzy from watching the casino washing machines revolving at high rpm on her watch.

davemj said...

SHAMELESS Parasite seesaws fill your pockets Bill your in good company the fact is the people see you for what you are with Dizzyspinnyanton.

RossK said...

Don't forget... Mr. Wilkinson is already making noises about using his party's public subsidy to fight this terrible thing to the death.

Or some such thing.


davemj said...

Skin crawler, Acne at its worst,

Armand Bourque said...

Like agitated monkeys.1st they scream,then they throw feces,finally attempt deceit(unsuccessfully).