Friday, April 13, 2018

So...Why Didn't George Bush Pardon Scooter Libby?


So, why, indeed, did George Bush the younger not pardon Scooter Libby for his part in outing CIA operative Valerie Plame back in the darkest days of yet another venal Republican administration?


Over the next news cycle or two you will likely hear and read all kinds of variations on the theme that Bush didn't believe Libby 'deserved' it  given the so called 'facts' that had been unearthed by Saint Patrick the Lord of Cross Harbour slayer.

But there is something else very important to consider, especially when you also hear about the 'message' that Mr. Trump is apparently sending to all of his minions, both current and former, who have been hooked by Mr. Mueller.

The world's top Plameologist, Marcy Wheeler, made that point yesterday before the slow moving Saturday Night Massacre, Part Deux, started rolling out, in slow motion, this fine Friday afternoon:

"...Bush commuted but did not pardon Libby, then refused, against PapaDick (Cheney)’s plaints, because (smarter lawyer) his lawyer counseled that’d be obstruction [update, or counseled that Libby could still incriminate Bush]. Trump can’t fully pardon his firewall, for the same reason: bc these witnesses will lose Fifth Amendment privileges against self-incrimination..."

Do you see the problem for the likes of Mess'rs Manafort, Kushner, Gates, Cohen, Flynn and, perhaps, Bannon there?

Update: And now, unbeknownest to so many of this in blogworld earlier today, Ms. Wheeler has been given the big stage on the biggest page....This is a good thing.
And what's likely to be the next stop on the slow rolling Trump Train to Massacray?....Ms. Wheeler thinks it just might be the end of Rosenstein at the DOJ (the guy who appointed Mueller after the Sessions recusal and the Comey firing)...Interestingly, this afternoon Rosenstein started to pushback against one of the screamers' shouting points (that is sure to show up on Fox and Friends if it hasn't already).
Meanwhile....Patrick Fitzgerald point out that Mr. Trump is full of obstructionist oompaloompafish offal when it comes to the Judy!Judy!Judy!-backed 'reason' for the pardoning of Scooter Boy.



e.a.f. said...

If the criminals are charged under New York State law, to the best of my knowledge, they can not be pardoned by Trump. He only gets to pardon federal offenses. Trump must be shitting his shorts with what is going on. Putin must be furious with him. A number of people have rolled and made deals except for Manafort. That raises the question of why, because if he did, perhaps Trump would be finished. Then I think of the poisoned former spy in G.B. People do wonder why he was poisoned now. My thoughts, to send Manafort and others a message.

If Trump fires Ros. then good luck with that. He will have to find a replacement to fire Mueller and what if the replacement won't? Could get complicated. Perhaps a few bombs some where to divert everyone's attention.

He ought not to have fired the former FBI director. But trump will never learn. He thinks he is smarter than others and when you do, its a fatal flaw.

RossK said...


And just where is Robert Bork when you need him anyway?

As to New York.....Well. (and, no, that is not the set for a Sopranos comeback season - it's the good Mr. Cohen and 'friends', today)


Anonymous said...

sounds like BC in the recent past ..poli speaking of course.

RossK said...


Indeed it does.