Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Vancouver Model...."$800,000 In Twenties Is Very Heavy."


Well, well, well...

The Globe and (NoLongerEmpire) Mail is floating the idea, in the form of a piece under Adrienne Tanner's byline, that our money laundering problem should be subjected to a public inquiry.

Of course, the usual suspects agree that we should get to the bottom of the matter:

...That view (that we should get to the bottom of things) is shared by two former provincial attorney-generals, Wally Oppal (Liberal) and Ujjal Dosanjh (NDP). Both applaud Mr. Eby’s efforts to get at the truth but say calls for a public inquiry are premature...

Except that, of course, we wouldn't want to really go whole hog because that would be very bad for business or some such undefined thing:

...Public inquiries work best when they are narrowly focused. Both Mr. Oppal and Mr. Dosanjh agree the person best positioned to limit the scope is Peter German, a respected former RCMP officer hired by Mr. Eby to investigate money laundering and its connections to real estate...

Hmmmmm....Not sure I agree.

Still, if you want narrow Mess'rs Oppal and Dosanjh, I'll give you narrow.

Because I am of the opinion that an in-depth inquiry specifically into the whys and wherefores of the following would open up all kinds of legitimate avenues for investigation by, say, stringers from the New York Times:

Need background?...It's here.
Quote in header?....Mr. Eby goes to Ottawa.



North Van's Grumps said...

Of course RossK you do realize that this here modern day gambling inquiry will make the Nanaimo Bing Gate look almost trivial in scope....
BC Legislative Library search: public inquiry gambling
Five results mostly to do with with the RAID on Glen Clark's home, but it doesn't mean that BC Liberals homes are protected either. All we have to do is find an intrepid reporter....

Lew said...

Mr. Oppal was Attorney General at the time the Integrated Illegal Gaming Enforcement Team was shut down almost immediately after warning government that organized crime had infiltrated the gambling industry and was actively laundering money and loan sharking in casinos.

He’ll make a good witness at the inquiry.

RossK said...


Hadn't thought of that, but, yeah.




And with no sub judice-like 'But it's before the courts!' excuses to provide cover for any actions of a stonewallyish kind, presumably the good Mr. Oppal would be forced to actually answer any and all substantive questions put to him.


Crankypants said...

Postmedia had an intrepid reporter by the name of Sam Cooper. Unfortunately he is now working for Global TV in Ottawa. I'm sure from his perspective this is a step up the ladder.

I just have to wonder if he was getting too close to some movers and shakers tied to the gambling industry and was given an orchestrated bon voyage.

RossK said...


They wouldn't do a thing like that, would they?

Although...The hockey bags full of cash at the casino doors stories do seem to have stopped as of late...


davemj said...

Media are back at it attacking like they did for Scumball, Crooked Chrusty Cash Cruelman Push Pencil De Bull,and the rest of the feeding frenzy!I guess? Wait for it ! the big name developers and Condo Kings and Queens and Spactatulators will be jumping on board saying the Province is doomed with the Commies running the show.Even as they are showing what they can do for the ordinary citizens and underprivileged that the lying greedy never enough Libs and pals were to busy to even consider.Please no more parasites for this for Gods sake!Eby please go back sixteen years if you have to to stop them.

Cfvua said...

Let's hope Mr. Eby presses on with it and tags some of the above mentioned perps.

e.a.f. said...

Some thing is up if that newspaper thinks its time for an inquiry. We do need one that is true, but when specific people think its a good idea, some thing is really up. Wally Oppal, don't trust him. he was part of the whole mess.

The money laundering going on in B.C. worked very well for some in the 16 years previous to Mr. Horgan becoming premier, for some. they let it continue.

if they want an inquiry, I'm sure in the end the B.C. Lieberals and Wally and some others will blame the NDP for the inquiry not going well and the report will be torn to shreds. That is not to say we don't need an inquiry, but we might just want to assign cops and Crown prosecutors to cases and get with charges. Holding an inquiry will accomplish nothing. There are laws in place, could have better ones, but we need to start prosecutions. Here's an idea, put cops in the casinos. People come in with hockey bags, the cops want an explanation. We have rules regarding when the feds need to be notified, i.e. $10K and people start to be interested. Well we need to start looking at foreign buyers or any buyer who can't explain where the money came from. It seems there is one rule for those of us living here, like us citizens and another for foreign buyers and casino customers. of course it does make some people very rich and those people aren't going to like inquiries or prosecutions very much, but hey, Mr. Eby keep up the good work.

Can hardly wait until the Russians start using B.C./Canada like they have London, England.

Hugh said...


"Langdale says that Australia’s government is worried about Chinese capital flight, because Austrac can’t differentiate between legitimate and criminal money pouring into Australian assets. His report outlines a worst case for Australia: “Possible scenario. Sydney as a regional hub for Chinese transnational crime (the Vancouver Model.)”


Lew said...

Bob Mackin on Twitter this morning:

"NDP promised a BC Rail inquiry in 2013. In 2017, the party adopted a resolution for a corruption inquiry. Why are we waiting?"

Very good question.

davemj said...

We all know about the investigation proceded under the direction of Collins, Campsmell, Whitmarsh the Mexican Clarks Bro for God's sake De wrong, Basi, Virk, had a relative Sgt in the Victoria police involved drugs or whatever, for Christ sake lets wipe these crooked Libs right off the political map flush them down the jailhouse crapper and make Basi Virk tell the truth or seize every nickel to get the millions back they were paid to take the fall, even the judge came into question was appointed to the B.C. supreme court if I remember right that Colman is another case and a half.My B.P.is up.Let's get the Aussie or Kiwi Auditor General and Mary Turpel Le Pond to lead the Inquiry that that were way to honest for the Low Life Liberal$$$$$

e.a.f. said...

The 11 p.m. news had an interesting item all about money laundering in B.C., with diagrams and maps even. Wonder why Global never did that during the el gordo and Clark years. It would appear they knew something was wrong. Oh, right every one was making a lot of money from it including the fent. manufactures in China.

Any inquiry won't help and they take too long. Simply start implementing the laws and prohibit buyers from China. The nice article with diagrams and maps showed how the products came out of China, how the money eventually came into Vancouver to be laundered by buying real estate. Looks like we became one of the best places in the world to launder money via our real estate and now we the citizens of this province can't afford to live here. So what took the media so long and why now? Wonder if el gorod and Christy et al have anything to say?

If we do not ban foreign ownership of our land/housing the money made off of fent. will continue to be laundered in this province. If this keeps up we'll be a narco state.

RossK said...

Sam Cooper is back on the beat....Here.


Lew said...

Amazing how all those dastardly foreigners can run their operations here without any aid or collusion whatsoever by our politicians, law enforcement, or corporations public or private.

As for a public inquiry to test whether that's true, I hear Jon McComb and Vaughn Palmer on air this morning mewling about public inquiries taking too long and everybody lawyering up. Anyone remember Mr. Palmer recommending the Chalke inquiry as the preferred route into getting to the bottom of the health firings? How did that work out? Interviews in secret, nobody held to account, very lengthy, and everybody had a lawyer.

BTW, despite his mewling agreement with Palmer on air, McComb was out with a tweet at about the same time that read:

“Time for a Public Inquiry following @scoopercooper reporting re infiltration of BC by Chinese triads! We need to know how casinos, #vanre high end car sales, ICBC fraud, friendly lawyers and bankers + Govt incompetence contributed to this rot and corruption.”

One foot in each chariot.

Anonymous said...

NVG, our intrepid reporter is back at CKNW. Ross thanks for posting that video, Coleman's lies are obvious.

e.a.f. said...

RossK, thank you very much for the video. Now if that is played a few times on the newscasts and then for all those B.C. Lieberal politicians. Then let the media ask them what they have to say about it. Some one should ask the new leader of the B.C. Lieberals in the Leg. what he has to say about it all.

Watching Coleman, is entertaining as hell. his body language says it all Playing the video without the sound is even better. In my opinion he was lying through his teeth. He lied, he lied, he lied.

In my opinion, had the B.C. Lieberals stamped this out at the beginning fent. might not have gotten the hold it did. When you look at a map which outlines the spread of fent. its clear it was here first and then moved east over time. Had the feds dealt with the harbours, had they banned foreign land ownership, this in my opinion would be a very different province today.

So the question is: how did the B.C. Lieberals not put this together while in office and perhaps they could ask the new leader of the B.C. Lieberals the same question. Is he going to "participate" in the same old drug laundering model if he becomes premier?

RossK said...

Anon-Above and eaf--

All thanks should go to Sean Holman. His word and video archives are still a treasure trove!



One foot in each chariot, indeed.


Just had a thought...

Are said chariots, perhaps, called Disingenous I and Disingenous II?



RossK said...


Looks like Mr. McComb might be in the process of putting both feet in one chariot.

Whatever will the Dean say.


e.a.f. said...

The Dean may be against an inquiry because it will be expensive Has he thought of the cost of not having one and keeping things as they are? May work for him and those whose interests he may or may not be representing.

Quebec had a corruption inquiry and it certainly was expensive, but it cleared the air so to speak.

B.C. could have an inquiry, unfortunately B.C. politicians don't have much of a memory. As I recall during the B.C. Rail trial of Vasi/Birk, they kept saying they "couldn't remember" and words to that effect. I don't expect anything different this time. the first thing the province needs to do is ban off shore land ownership, then start enforcing the laws we do have and Ottawa could join in. As to an inquiry, they could offer immunity, might improve memories and those first off the mark who get immunity, will be home free. The others, not so much. They can go to jail.

Lew said...

Apparently Mr. McComb was reminded that Sam Cooper is now family, while Vaughn Palmer is a hired hand.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The (only) solution to all this murderous corruption is to legalize all drugs and it does not look like the Liberals are in a rush to do it. Until then the bodies will pile up. One such recent body was the third such person within my wide circle in the last six months. I am becoming less and less amused. In a civilized country someone would deck Coleman so hard he would never get up.

Ed Seedhouse said...

I wondered, perhaps idly, what $800,000 in twenties would weigh. That would depend of course on how much a twenty dollar bill weighs, which our host has neglected to inform us of.

800 grand in twenties would involve 40,000 bills and if a single bill weighs a gram that would be 40 kilograms of bills. Quite a load.

But I don't know if a single bill weighs a gram, that's just a guess.

40,000 plastic twenties would take up a lot of room as well...

e.a.f. said...

Ed Seedhouse, regarding the room 40K plastic twenties took up: well that is why god make hockey bags and they chose Canada. No one questions guys with hockey bags going anywhere.

Ed Seedhouse said...

A web search suggests 0.93 gram per bill. So that would be 37.2 kilograms or around 80 pounds. An impressive lift!

Armand Bourque said...

Damn... and i thoght a chunk of pipe, an ambush,and id have some guilt free spare cash. I reall have to move faster.

Anonymous said...

And all crickets at RCMP.?

RossK said...


Crickets doing mime, if I'm not mistaken...