Friday, October 25, 2019

A Country Called Potemkin.


From Astead Herndon and Maggie Astor writing in the NY Times:

COLUMBIA, S.C. — President Trump, speaking to a handpicked audience of supporters at a historically black college here on Friday, belittled the Obama administration’s record on racial issues and claimed that his own administration had helped African-Americans beyond anything “in the history of our country.”...


...Mr. Trump and his allies billed the speech, at Benedict College in Columbia, as a chance for the president to step outside the friendly confines of his supporter base and promote his administration’s record on criminal justice reform and black employment directly to a black audience.

But only about 10 students from Benedict were given tickets to the invitation-only event, which had room for about 300 attendees, said Mayor Stephen K. Benjamin of Columbia. More than half of the seats were reserved for guests and allies of the administration, organizers said.

The ticket distribution was first reported by McClatchy DC.

The friendliness of the audience was clear from the moment Mr. Trump took the stage, when someone shouted, “We love you, Mr. President, we love you!” More than once, the audience broke into chants of “four more years,” to which Mr. Trump responded at one point: “Just don’t say 16 more years. You’ll drive them crazy.”...


Have our good friends to the south reached peak despot yet?



Keith said...

Peak despot yet.?

Who cares, we got our tax cut, didn’t get a women in the white house and the NFL is underway distracting the rubes.

RossK said...


What you described is the table of contents for the Atwater/Ailes/Rove playbook written in the days of Reagan...Minus, of course, the required bogeymen.


e.a.f. said...

there was quite a bit of "excitement" around the visit or shall we say, some very upset people.

using an African American college to hold a rally speaks to how frightened the trumpsters are of loosing the next election. the college administration ought to be ashamed of themselves allowing trump to use their collegue for his craven political agenda. he is still keeping children in concentration camps, still trying to keep out immigrants who aren't wealthy, still ............being rumpster