Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Failure.


Harvey O has an interesting take on why the 'Tories', as currently constituted, cannot win:

...What failed the Tories?

I believe, if there’s a lesson in the election results for the Official Opposition party … it’s that MOST Canadians (if you add up the Liberal, NDP, Green or even Bloc popular vote) SUPPORT the fight against climate change, ACCEPT the carbon tax, FAVOUR women’s choice on abortion, UPHOLD respecting LGBTQ rights, and AGREE with foreign aid, welcoming refugees and immigration.

Canada has changed … and, if they want to win, the Tories must as well.

Fair enough, particularly the part about what most Canadians support, accept, favour, uphold and agree with.


For the 'Tories' to change they would have to throw out the grifters, firewallers, and the discourse destroying, Manning-back 'strongists' first so that they could actually become...

What's that term, again?

Oh, ya...




chuckstraight said...

I have long wished for a system that does`t allow what I call a 39% "majority" since I first voted in the 70`s.
Listening to Cross Country checkup last week, I don`t exactly have much hope, as long as there is still an appetite for eternal economic growth.
The only justice I see from the election is how the Conservatives got screwed by the First Past the Post system .

Lew said...

Progressive Conservative Party, Reform Party, Canadian Alliance, Conservative Party, even People’s Party.

“Tories” have a record in Canada of maintaining core policies, but attempting to convince the public they’ve changed by running under a different banner.

I think the name adopted as a short-lived bridge between Reform and Alliance was the most apt. Conservative Reform Alliance Party (CRAP).

e.a.f. said...

Chuck, as they say, you live by the sword, you die by the sword. Never did hear a lot of Conservatives wanting to change the system, didn't see it in their party platform either.

The fact of the matter is although the Conservatives had 6,155,662 people vote for them, over 10 Million voted for other parties:

Liberals 5,915,950
NDP 2,849,214
BQ 1,376,135
Greens 1,162,361
PP 292,703
Indep. 71,854
Christian Heritage 18,854

I didn't add it up, don't do that well and can't find a calclulator.
So if we looked at those results, the Greens had approx. 200K votes less than the B.Q!, but the Greens only received 3 seats while the Bloq received 32.

it all depends upon where the numbers are.

I did hear some one on the news say, Alberta and NFLD had about the same number of people vote for the Liberals, but that didn't result in Alberta Liberals being elected.

I'm still in favour of first past the post, as I suspect most Canadians are. Hey the Greens went from one seat to two, hung on to the new second seat and then gained a third. Not bad.

We might want to stop complaining. the majority of people didn't want Scheer as P.M. He lost, he needs to change his attitude and the Conservatives need another leader. Its pretty clear from the lack of votes the PP party received Canadians aren't that much into what they peddle and the Conservatives in my opinion, peddle PPP light.