Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Hog Is In The Tunnel

40°44' North; 74°01'West

Not-So-Jersey James Walcott takes a kilo-sized strip of bacon off the back of expat David Frum:

"David Frum, wearing surgical gloves and rubber galoshes, wades into the flooded basement of celebrity gossip to tut-tut, tsk-tsk, and pooh-pooh Kitty Kelley's forthcoming book about the Corleones of Kennebunkport. Lurid as its details may be, Frum doesn't believe this controversial title will make much of a diff(erence)......

...Frum, Canadian, has little understanding of the manicured grasp Kelley has on the sordid imagination of America. He has spent too much time with his coauthor Richard Perle plotting to grease America into neverending war to understand what a destructive dynamo in a bouffant is Ms. Kelley.


Kind of makes you wonder....what would Walcott have written if he knew that, like Perle, Mr. Frum is also a former quisling to Conrad Black.

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