Friday, June 17, 2005

Time Keeps On Slippin', Slippin'......


......Into The Future

"Montreal - All nights are cold in Montreal. The last time I was here was in the spring - for the first Duran-Leonard fight - and the downtown streets were like sheet ice.....

But that was a long time ago, and we have all become older and wiser since then - even Sugar Ray, who lost to Duran in Montreal, then redeemed himselve in New Orleans a year later.

This time I was in town for ....... (for) a talk I was scheduled to deliver the next day at Concordia University and I was met at the airport by a student committee of two - Doug and Terrence.

Terrence is bright and ambitious, but he is cursed with a dark and twisted curiosity that all too often characterizes Canadians......

Montreal is a strange city. It was built about 400 years ago on an ice-bound island in the St. Lawrence River by renegade Frenchmen who thought they had found the New World and would soon own it.

This has not come to pass - or at least not yet, according to the hard rockers who speak for the Free Speeech Quebec Separatist Party who identify mainly with the I.R.A., Puerto Rican nationialists and the ghost of Chiang Kai-shek. But they say it will happen soon - that the long screw of history is still turning and the war is not over yet.

As far as the French Separatists are concerned, with any luck at all......Washington will be seized by a cabal of crazed generals in the style of 'Dr. Strangelove' and the colossus to the South will be paralyzed by fear and greed paving the way for the takeover by truffle-eating wine-sucking anarchists.

It was a hard and irascible attittde to deal with when I went up on stage the next day to answer all the obvious questions about the U.S. - Canadian political position......

It was a long afternoon, but finally a consensus emerged: Canada is doomed to the status of a nuclear chattel regardless what happens.....and the winter book favorite to win the 1988 election has to be Richard Milhous Nixon.

I left for the airport immediately, feeling lucky to get out of the country without being flogged."

Hunter Thompson, Nov 18, 1985
The San Francisco Examiner (Wee Willy Hearst Edition)
Reprinted in: Generation of Swine, Simon & Schuster, 1988 (pp 49-51)

Not a bad analysis, especially the part about the turning of screw that is the recurring groundhog day of separatism re-rising in Quebec.

And as to the doomed fate of the Nixon (non)Dynasty.....How the heck could the good Docktor, or Raoul Duke, or even the ghost of Oscar Zeta Acosta for that matter, have known that the half-bright Bush boys would fair so much better than Tricia, at least in terms of the quasi fasciti-democratic times that we now find ourselves in.



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