Thursday, July 07, 2005

Good Advice At Twice The Price

The Real Thing

Clearly, there is going to be a lot of discussion in the not too distant future about reaping what has been sown.

Not to mention dealing forcefully with the craptacular logic that lead to the 'Flypaper Hypothesis'.

But for now, Billmon (as usual) has some very good advice:

"The next few days would probably be a good time to stay away from the TV. On top of the televised gore and the stunned faces of the survivors, we'll have to endure the canned Churchillian rhetoric of Messrs. Blair and Bush. Blitzes will be remembered; blood, sweat and tears promised, ultimate victory predicted. The babbling heads of cable news will babble even louder. Conservative con artists will figure the angles and work out the attack lines to use against the liberals -- whatever it takes to drown out the fact that, nearly four years after 9/11, Bin Ladin still lives and Al Qaeda is back in business. Mission unaccomplished."


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