Saturday, July 16, 2005

Staying The Course


Some folks on the left side of the bloggodome figure the time has come to hop off the Yellowcake Road before it gets to that hallowed gate named 'Plame'.

The argument for taking a hard right at the nearest exit goes something like this:

"It is ridiculous for progressives to be spending all this time and effort on an internal act of weaseldom involving the CIA while The Empire continues to get away with murder in Iraq and beyond."

Which is fine as far as it goes, but it misses the point.

Because I distinctly remember the moment in time when I read Joseph Wilson's original OpEd piece, out of the blue, that Sunday in July two years ago.

Even for someone like myself, someone who was extremely skeptical and who had done their best to pay attention, this thing from Wilson was like a thunderbolt to the forehead.

So, I put the (real)paper down on the couch, stood up, and said to my wife.

"If what this man has written is true, these people truly are engaged in a criminal war of naked aggression."

Which is why Plamegate and all that swirls around it must be dealt with to the fullest. Because it was hatched to discredit Mr. Wilson and his family and thus, by association, his OpEd piece without ever actually producing evidence to indicate that the OpEd was not truthful.

In other words, the work of the special prosecutor, Mr. Fitzgerald, and hopefully a newly unleashed American press, may be the last best chance for the United States to demonstrate that it is still a nation of laws, not men.

And very possibly, criminal men.


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