Saturday, July 02, 2005

Reelin' In The Years?


A lot of folks around the bloggodome and beyond are fingering Mr. Karl Rove as 'the' name in the 'Blame Plame Game.'

But something smells like last year's fish stuck to the unwashed barbeque racks that are still hidden away in the garage because they are just too rank to clean.

In other words, I feel a vague, nebulous angst rising that may be related to fears of some sort of 'reeling in of the limited hangout' coming on.

Maybe it's all the lawyer/timing talk (ie. did Rove talk to reporters before or after Novak's column appeared?).

Maybe it's the partisan nature of one principal (O'Donnell) or the snake oil salesman nature of another apparent one (Isikoff).

Maybe it's the fact that one of the Editor & Publisher articles that set everybody, including Atrios and Digby, all a twitter has been pulled for being last year's (smell the fish yet?) news.

Maybe it's the fact that Wolcott is linking back to an old piece by Michael Ruppert that raises the spectre of an internal CIA coup.

Or maybe it's just the fact that Reich Wing Whinge machine has not yet retaliated in fury as they await the 'gotcha' of the reverse kern which will prove that the 'O' between the R and the V was not written on Matt Cooper's computer at all, but instead on an old Selectric Mark VI operated by the ghost of Lee Atwater working in an underground bunker in Burundi while Wild Bill Casey looked over his shoulder the entire time shouting 'Go! Go! Go, boy go!'

All, I'm really trying to say careful Bloggodome Big Boys and Girls.......after all, it's not like the Roving Halliburtonians haven't tried this kind of misdirection play before.

Update Sun 9:00am PDT: OK, I feel a little better because Billmon has pointed out that it may not be the crime that will lead to anybody doing the time. Instead, it may be both the front end (ie. the Niger papers themselves) and the back end (a cover-up, possibly originating from AirForce 1) that will lead to the entire Iraq Working Group's forced eating of the Yellowcake after the Frog March. Still, it's time to be careful, get it right, and dole it out bit by bit to prevent the truth from getting buried beneath the crap and fish guts from the Whinge Machine's fertilizer spreader that has already hit even little 'ol me - (see trackback)
Double Secret Probation Update: Isikoff's piece is up on the Newsweek site. Pretty darned soft. Looks like the Reel-In has, indeed, begun.


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