Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Garbage Strike Conspiracy, Unplugged

LikeStinkyTrashVille returning to our regularly scheduled civic/lotuslandia programming......
(all the Montebello SPP Protest stuff is below)

I mentioned earlier in the week that the garbage had begun to pile up in the median of KingEdward in the Creme de la Creme belt (between Granville and Arbutus).

And then, yesterday, on my way home, I noticed that it was all gone again.

Strike over?

Are you kidding?

As for the folks who live around Fraser and KingEd?

Not so much.

(in the 'get out there and pick up that unsightly trash that is in full public view' department I mean)


So, The Economist, has named Vancouver the world's most livable city.

Now given when the folks in the Econoline Van would have been doing their surveys it does make one wonder..... Should the credit go to Larry Campbell and his COPE council or Sam Sullivan and his NPA council?

Regardless, the true answer, or even the shades of grey, you can bet that Smilin' Sammy's Spam machine is already starting to crank up in an effort to paint it all black, or white, or sky blue, or whatever heck colour coding they've decided to push this week.

Can't wait for Rod Mickelburgh's next Spammylot report - they usually come out Saturdays in the Globe if I'm remembering correctly.


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