Monday, February 25, 2008

Did Smilin' Sammy Just Take Off The Gloves?


Once again, if you're not getting your Lotuslandian civic election news from Frances Bula's Blog, you're just not getting it.

Because, here, apparently, is part of the text of message just sent out to the flock from Sir Spam-A-Lot:

As you are likely aware, Mayor Sam Sullivan is being challenged for the leadership of the NPA. If you support progressive government at City Hall and a Mayor who has demonstrated his ongoing commitment to the NPA and our City, the time for your voice to be heard is now.

Mayor Sullivan has recently decided to not follow the “green light” process, but to instead seek the nomination through an all-out nomination process. This morning he sent a letter to the board, explaining why.

To which we can only say, Wow!

Looks like Smilin' Sammy is all set to use some of that $500K pre-election war chest so that he can start stomping on a certain would-be rival's throat right here and right now.

And, no, there is no truth to the rumour that a very fine fellow bearing an uncanny resemblance to Andy Kaufman by the name of Piotr Ladner from Latvia was spotted trying to rent a campaign bus this morning.

Which is all very strange, indeed, because just this morning the I-Ching King and I were ruminating on whether or not Mr. Sullivan would be able to successfully pull off the Opie Taylor act this time around.
Update: Miro (never a minderbinder) Cernetig reports that poor Mr. Sullivan was 'bleary-eyed' as he read his letter to the assembled throngs.


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