Friday, February 29, 2008

Why I Love The People's Republic Of Berkeley


I once lived there and would move back yesterday if I could.

For all kinds of reasons.

Including stuff like this:

BILL O'REILLY: Well, now The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that some companies and business people are actually boycotting Berkeley.

Joining us now from the Bay area, Melanie Morgan, a talk show host on KSFO Radio, who is closely following the situation.

So the report in The San Jose Mercury, not a conservative paper by any stretch of the imagination. What's going on?

MELANIE MORGAN, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Well, first of all, let me tell you that the attack on an iconic symbol like the Marine Corps has hit Americans in the gut, Bill. I am telling you that this has had such a visceral effect that not only has it touched conservatives, but liberals, Democrats, and moderates are all responding to not only calls for a boycott, but they're getting involved in signing our petition at

So far, in the past 24 hours, we've had over 25,000 signatures, a total of well over 50,000 in the past few days. The response has been simply stunning.

O'REILLY: Now the petition says what?

MORGAN: The petition demands an apology from the Berkeley City Council, not only to the Marines, but to the Marine Corps family members, which have been gravely insulted.

Their men and women are overseas, a half a world away, living, fighting, and dying for their freedoms, for the rights of the Berkeley City Council to get up and act stupid in front of the rest of the country.

O'REILLY: Now, if they don't apologize, is there any other action you guys want to see?

MORGAN: We are — you know, this is like a cancer, an epidemic spreading across the country by the hard left, the Code Pink, and their enablers, the people who support the Berkeley City Council.


Bill-O and the screamers are threatening them.

They'll be Dancing In The Streets of Telegraph tonight!


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