Wednesday, February 18, 2009

RailGate Cult Leader Scoops Big Media Maw...


From a piece by Ian Mulgrew in a recent edition of rCWID's Vancouver Sun:

The key figure in Project Every Which Way, the organized crime investigation that triggered the raid on the legislature half a decade ago, has been convicted and sentenced to nine years' imprisonment.

Jasmohan Singh Bains, the 33-year-old would-be Mr. Big of the Vancouver Island drug world, was also fined $242,170 and forfeited $12,718.11 seized by police at the time of his arrest five years ago. If he fails to pay the fine, Bains must serve another three years in prison.

Although then only 28, Bains headed a Victoria-based group that shipped kilograms of cocaine to Metro Toronto and remitted cash back via Federal Express.

His trial last summer focused on one shipment of 12 kilos, worth about $400,000, and Bains's boast that he could supply 50 kilos a week.

"Mr. Bains was the sine qua non of this conspiracy," Provincial Court Judge Robert Higinbotham said at the sentencing on Sept. 11.

"He was the initiator, the driving force, and the chief executive officer of the trafficking enterprise, and he answered to no other person."

This significant event went apparently unreported until it appeared on citizen journalist Mary Mackie's blog and was brought to my attention Monday.

I was surprised no one in the federal prosecutor's office or the RCMP had issued a statement since this is the organized crime connection that led to the raid on legislature offices Dec. 28, 2003....

'Nuff said.

You want regular updates and informed analysis about one of BC's biggest and longest running news/crime/graft/corruption/political stories of all time?

Do not watch the TeeVee, listen to your radio, or open a newspaper.

Because you will not find it there.

Instead, you will find it in the Bloggodome.

At Mary's place.

And Mr. T, the Billman's.


The title of this post refers to a recent exchange between the Ledgie Boys and the Goodship Watercarrier in which Mess'rs Baldrey and Palmer joked about RailGate obsessives generally, and our good friend Mary specifically, being members of a 'cult'......Which reminds me....Is it 'News' when a Cult Leader and her Anon-O-Mice do a little bit of digging to scoop the Pro-Media Boyz in the Ledgiehood.....Huh?
Oh, and I would be remiss if I did not mention that Mary did not begin covering the Bains story yesterday....she's been onto it for months.....Yes, that's right, months!.....


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