Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How Important Is Activist Blogging Anyway?


I dunno know for absolute sure.

But I do know this.

The activist/progressive/secularist/humanist/bloggers down south had a Kinghell lot to do with the recent blowing-up of the super-secret WhiteHouse/(anti)Health Insurance Lobby double-dipping, full-meal, 18-wheeler-uber-deal that has put a real the public option BACK on the table.

And here is fifty star a/p/s/h/b Brigadier General Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake proving it, if not all night, at least on a Sunday morning, on the TeeVee:

All of which led to this comment by Firepup 'Inquisitr':

See, I always find those articles about “stop blogging and March!” interesting.

Marching does nothing, absolutely nothing.

Firedoglake and a few progressive blogs are the whole reason we went from the PO is dead to drop the PO at your own political peril.

Blogging has done more in 12 years then every march after the 60’s.

I’ll stay home and blog, Marching is for suckers.



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