Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Robo-Calls....In Saanich?


Yesterday, we commented on a piece by Andrew MacLeod in The Tyee about the connection, by holy matrimony, of one of the third party advertisers that helped elect FedCon kinda/sorta/almost front-bencher Gary Lunn and one of the movers and shakers, a very fine fellow named Robert Evans, associated with an Alberta development group that wants to put a marina for the Uber-Rich and their Uberer Yachts into Victoria's Inner Harbour.

All of which is interesting, in the extreme, in-and-of-itself.

But it also led our friend, and commenter, Jennifer Smith to ask the following:

"Where the he(ckfire) is Elections Canada in all this?

Bad enough they dropped the robo-call investigation - did they ever even bother to start a real investigation into (Mr.) Evans and his third-party groups?"

Which led me to contact Mr. MacLeod, who confirmed, as per an earlier piece of his, that the Robo-Call Investigation that was opened by Elections Canada after some bizarre goings on that some construed to be a nefarious effort by persons unknown to strip away left-sided support from Mr. Lunn's main rival on the eve of the last federal election, has been closed, not because it didn't happen, but instead because it apparently couldn't be proven that it didn't affect anyone's actual vote.

Or some such thing.....

However, Mr. MacLeod also mentioned that he wasn't sure about the status of the Elections Canada investigation that was also initiated to look into the blue-hued, LINO-centric, uber-Marina-lovin' 3rd Party Advertisers for Lunn.

But he's going to check.

Can't wait to hear what he finds out.

And what's all the fuss about the Uber-Marina?.......Well, here's a good backgrounder from (guess who!) Mr. MacLeod.



Saskboy said...

This information may be worth revisiting.

Saskboy said...

A year later, May is revisiting it.