Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why Are We Paying $365 Million To 'Refurbish' BC Place.....

..When BMO field in Toronto only cost $72 million?


That's right.

$72 million.

From scratch.

For the entire thing, including the land, some of which was paid for with money from the Feds.

For a Major League Soccer stadium that everybody in the Centre Of The Universe has gone bonkers over.



Why does BC Liberal Party Leader Gordon Campbell want to spend $365 million of our money to 'refurbish' an old piece 'o crap like BC Place stadium when he could build an entire second stadium for, say, a third of the cost?


Could it have anything to do with the following add-on, which was announced at the original BC Place refurbishing press conference last May:

" (the) Possible high-rise condo development, on the B.C. government-owned site."

For the 'financing' of all those hundreds of millions, of course.

Which, if you think about it, just might go a long way to explain the humungous price tag.


And don't forget, the renos and the new roof are being brought to you (and me) by PAVCo, the same fine folks who went $400 million overbudget on the giant Cactus Club/Convention Ctr on the water....Which, of course, means that the real costs to fix up the giant Marshmallow might just as easily turn out to be $500 to $600 million....Now if that were to occur, what do you think the odds might be that GordCo would use it to justify jacking even more land out of the 'government-owned site' to sell to its influential friends and political uncles.....In other words, this is a match made in heaven for the Condo-Kings....Heads they win, tails we lose (even more).....
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