Sunday, March 20, 2011

RailGate Relapse


Basi: ... you can take it and look at it, show it to them. They can ... y'know change some of the words around ... some buzz words they wanna see in there, right?

Clark: Yeah.

Basi: And these, these companies know how to ... get the fluff out of this shit and how to tailor it towards themselves, right?

Clark: Of course.

Basi: ... then we can make the changes, we'll show you the changes and then if those are okay, then we'll get it going.

Clark: Sounds great ... I'll get you a secure fax number and we can do it that way.

I am so relieved.

The government of the sister of the man who was involved in the conversation above has decided that it is time to really, really do something about RailGate.

This, according to Dean Wormer:

She (Christy Clark) hinted at the shift (to 'review' the $ 6 milion dollar RailGate Coffin Nail) during an interview with Bill Good on radio station CKNW Thursday morning. (Attorney-General Barry) Penner made it official in a series of media interviews in the afternoon.

The review will be conducted by an outsider with legal expertise, identity yet to determined, said Penner.


An outsider with legal expertise?


Whom might that turn out to be?


*Of course, for this bunch really, really doing something about a thing so many of them have been implicated in actually means doing.... Well.....Absolutely nothing (except to serve up yet another media inoculation for the bamboozled).
Next up, if I can keep from succumbing to my cynicism completely, I will explain, once again, why Gary Mason really just may be the real reincarnation of Ron Obvious....And if I do so, I will also do my best to explain why Justine Hunter is now known, by this blogger at least, to be a 'friendly'. And whatever you do, stay away from Chichester Cathedral when reading anything generated by the BellGlobeCTVTSNCHUMRDSMUCHTEAMPickleBreath media organ grinders.



Anonymous said...

Private Prosecution ?

There are a few players in the BC Rail saga that seem to have gotten off without a blemish on their record.

Can the Crown's hand be forced? What is the process for initiating a private prosecution in BC?

Grant G said...

Thought you might enjoy this...Right wing paid spinners needed.