Thursday, April 07, 2011

Fight The Power...

....With Coloured Lights.

Background on the Republican Governor's attempts to censor a labor mural in the offices of the great State of Maine's Department of..... uhhhh......'Labor' can be found here.

The video above is a creative, clever and completely non-destructive way to effectively neutralize the delusional Governor's cretinous power with nothing more than a laptop, a projector and a light show.

The kids really are alright.



Jon said...

I LOVED this.

e.a.f. said...

the Kids are brillant. What a fun way to make their point!

You have to wonder about the governor though. I thought there was something in the American constitution about freedom of speech.

The governor appears to have enbarked on a type of "ethnic" social cleansing. Trying to erase all signs/mention/etc. of unions, etc. Gee itsn't that what heads of third world countries do to the opposition.
Oh, right its o.k. to do it in the U.S.A. if its done by republicans.

The governor is starting to make some of those mid-eastern dictators look good.

RossK said...

Jon --

Me too.



Did you mean Middle Eastern or Middle Eastern European of a particular vintage?

Not that the two are necessarily mutually exclusive when it comes to words and deeds like this.