Monday, July 11, 2011

CClark On DHahn's Pension....Monkey See, Monkey Do?


Well, well, well....

Premier Christy Clark is hopping mad.

Not about rampaging thugs this time.

Instead, it is about BC Ferries Bossman David Hahn.

Or, to be more precise, Mr. Hahn's guaranteed, gold-plated pension of more than $300,000 per year.

Here is her response, as captured by the VSun's Jonathan Fowlie:

"I have sent the message loud and clear to BC Ferries: no more of this monkey business because it's not acceptable to British Columbians," she said.

Which is all fine and good.


What power, exactly, does she and her Campbell-Clark government have that can be used to stop stuff like this?

After all, weren't she and hers the ones that gave away the company to fine folks like Hahn and the other members of the gold brick brigade in the first place?


I'm surprised the braintrust and/or the newly gold leaf-minted Director of Outreach hasn't sent Ms. Clark out to the Tsawwassen Terminal to swab the deck of one of those German U-Boats that is killing us for an "In-Heels And Overalls" photo-op on the 6 O'Clock News.

Hang on a second.

What's that you say?

There's no Helijet pad nearby?




Anonymous said...

What I find interesting in her comments is that she say's "“This was a deal made five years ago and it’s a legally binding contract. We are, as far as I can tell, stuck with it, sadly." Now if that is true what about all the grandstanding by Shirley Bond a year or so ago about "new rules" governing wages at BC Ferries ? What about all the other grandstanding by other MLA's when Hahn's million dollar salary came to light ? Am I to believe that all those previous comments were a bunch of lies since as Christy say's,"“This was a deal made five years ago". If that's the case all other recent comments meant nothing but more Liberal lies.

Guy in Victoria

North Van's Grumps said...

Pity? Pity Kevin McCullough hasn't been hired to get to the bottom of this morass. At least he's shown how to ask the right questions at the right time.

Hahn's BC Ferries pension shouldn't come as any surprise to the public...

Without a Freight Division, the Board of Directors found enough money to pay their way at over $400,000 each, a year, for their advice on how to sell off BC Rail.

I could be wrong here, but one of those Directors was then asked by the BC Liberal government to shift his flag to BC Ferries where they continued to find enough of our money to be spent on paying the highest pension ever just to keep Mr. Hahn content, rather than thinking about reducing the price of ferry tickets.

Ian said...

RossK, thank you for this....

History lesson Part 2; "Mr. Narrator, this is Bob Dylan to me." Exactly

West End Bob said...

"In-Heels And Overalls" photo-op on the 6 O'Clock News


Good one, RossK!

Still smirking.

Excellent . . . .

Grant G said...

David Hahn is untouchable...David Hahn knows names, names of people in German Banks collecting 10% interest year after year while the BC Ferry debt never goes down..

The whole Clucking story..Clark states Hahn`s contract was signed/inked 5 years ago...and Clucker stated,...

"The Hahn contract is binding"

What the hell, why did Shirley glug Bond launch a ferry review of salaries when they can`t be touched...And..

And no one believes that Hahn`s contract from 5 years ago had $100 Thousand dollar escalator clauses for each and every year...

David Hahn can name names and has dared any BC Liberal to bring him down...

And as for BC Ferries saying recruiters were after Hahn?????..At what price?...At $500 K, the level of his 2006 salary...or were they wooing Hahn at his 2010 salary..$1.1 million per year...

BC Ferry review, but executive can`t be touched..

BC Hydro review yet two more smart meter contracts were let today...

Furlong reviewing a riot...Oppal reviewing...Translink review did nothing either...And what else, a gaming grant review was announced today...

How about a review of cranium space among the BC Liberal caucus!

Give me an effing break...

Corrupt, habitual lying Liberals...

No editing required!

Good Day

RossK said...


I'm trying my best, honest. But I am having a really hard time coming up with any single concrete example of Ms. Bond doing something that wasn't grandstanding.



Stop complaining - after all, Mr. Hahn is still only gouging you for reservations and/or a place to sit quietly at the back of the boat. I mean, it's not like he's charging you extra for all that fuel the German gas guzzlers are using or anything.


Hang on a second.



You're welcome. The Minutemen documentary linked to is a fantastic entree. At the beginning Watt tells a story about how he met Boon when they were kids when the latter fell out of tree in the park and just bowled him over with, essentially, everything that is possible in life. You can tell Watt is still running on that boyhood inspiration despite the fact that Boon died 25 years ago. And if you head over to Mike Watt's site to read his tour diaries, I really think it will soothe your soul. The links are all in the post.

Thanks Bob--

Did you all have fun down there in PartyVille/TheWestEnd over the weekend?


Grant --

Wanted to compliment you on most of your recent posts, a lot of insight there - thanks.


North Van's Grumps said...

I went looking for the names of the Directors from five years ago that authored the generous second pension to David Hahn and came across this, via Google and ended up here:

The first five names on the list are the ones who wrote the generous offer.

Which gave me this next

Google Search criteria which raised the BCF Board membership going from five to eight:

Authority and Services Boards to meet the new requirements of the recently passed Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act (No. 3)

Bingo! which now includes one former Attorney General of British Columbia, P. Geoffrey Plant.

subject to subparagraph (ii), consistent with the remuneration that organizations in Canada that are of a similar size and scope to BCFS provide to their directors, and

(ii) not greater than the remuneration that provincial public sector organizations in British Columbia provide to their directors,....

From Division 2.1 - Authority's Role in Relation to BCFS Remuneration of Directors 21.2

The above is from the BC Liberals Miscellaneous Statutes Act of 2010!!!!

Limits on executive remuneration

21.5 An executive of BCFS is not entitled to receive remuneration from BCFS in excess of

(a) the remuneration the executive is entitled to receive under the executive compensation plan most recently approved by the Authority, or

(b) if an executive compensation plan has not been approved by the Authority, remuneration that the executive would, under section 21.4 (2), be entitled to receive under an executive compensation plan.

Grant G said...

Hey Mr. K....Thought you might be interested in this..

July 13th/2011...3:45 pm, and a special treat at 3:49 pm...

Cheers from the Persuader!

RossK said...


So, does that mean that they broke their own rules?

Interesting how nobody in the MSM is even bothering with stuff like that. In fact, I would think this story which came out about 4-5 days before the fact would have died without Ms. Clark's screeching (which came, of course, in the wake of Mr. Dix raising its profile just a wee bit - I actually find this encouraging as it strongly suggest that the Oppo is actually having some effect outside the Ledge)


Thanks Grant - will have a listen. If my eardrums start bleeding I know who to bill for the corrective surgery.


North Van's Grumps said...

No, they didn't break the rules because its date stamped for 2010, and not retroactive.

What it does mean, even with Pete McMartin's column in the Vancouver Sun on:

Opinion: David Hahn and the case against his keelhauling

Critics of BC Ferries CEO's compensation are missing the point

Just watch for the demise of Coastal Ferries now, because the Board of Directors can't spend a million dollars per year for the guy to replace Mr. Hahn when he retires, nor provide a $300,000 gold plate pension, per year, either to catch the attention of head hunters.