Friday, September 02, 2011

Harvey Oberfeld Says Ms. Clark Should Not Be Called 'Premier'


Retired award-winning proMedia TeeVee reporter and avid blogger Harvey Oberfeld has called Christy Clark out on her latest act of duplicity:

"BC is in deep trouble: we now have a government that has no moral, no public and no legal legitimacy to govern.

Christy Clark’s government was NEVER elected by the people of this province, on the basis of any endorsed platform, program, promises or outlined plans for governing.....

{snippety doo-dah}

Christy Clark herself has said that herself many, many times: emphasizing that HER government is NOT Campbell’s government; HER cabinet is NOT Campbell’s cabinet; and, HER policies are NOT Campbell’s policies.

That’s why she HERSELF had also stated and always understood she and her government would need an early province-wide public mandate to govern....

{snippety doodle-dandy}

Clark can’t have it both ways: she can’t say she, and her government, are totally NOT that of Gordon Campbell; yet insist she has the right to govern right through the end of Campbell’s term because they’re really covered by the one and the same mandate.

Clark has NO mandate from the people of the province to govern as premier … and to even THINK she can hold on to power WITHOUT A PUBLIC VOTE right through to May 2013 is tant amount to staging a coup....

As a result, Mr. Oberfeld no longer feels Ms. Clark is fit to carry the title 'Premier' of British Columbia:

"...Until she receives a legitimate, elected public mandate, I will no longer refer to Clark under the title Premier on this blog. And I hope others …including the media … follow suit...."

I couldn't agree more, and I will.

Follow suit, I mean.

Thus, in the interim (ie. until she wins a general election), I will refer to Ms. Clark as (not)Premier.

Meanwhile, Ms. Clark today did a reverse gainer from the flip-flop position when she told a post-Twitter Fitted CBC that her party's internal numbers say that she would have been in a 'favourable position' to win a fall election.....Man, does she want to think her a fool?....Heckfire!...Even my long gone Grandma, who would have voted for the right honourable Hugh Curtis forever and ever amen, even if he had been caught in a cathouse, repeatedly, in repose, with peanut butter and jelly smeared all over his shiny pate (which, to be absolutely clear here, he never was), would be having a hard time believing absolutely anything that comes out of the current (not)Premier's mouth at the moment...



Anonymous said...

Yes Christy de lite must have conferred with the millionaires club who said "why let the poor vote they don't understand business must be worshipped punish them".

Gary E said...

The liberal party have no morals.

Did anyone do a finger count on the 19 month figure given out by the bird man? March 2013. And given that this government is full of lie obfuscations and delays I can see them not turning back the HST under the mandate they presently don't have.

But do they realize we still have the option of recall? And I think it should be restarted before the next session without any political involvement in the campaign.

Anonymous said...

If this is a valid legal argument rather than simply a moral or emotional one, somebody should contact the Lieutenant Governor. I doubt it is, since people voted for their MLA and not for Gordon Campbell directly.

West End Bob said...


I like it.

A lot ! ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Me too!!!!!!