Saturday, April 06, 2013

Is Christy Clark's 'Super Saturday' Still Goin' Down...

...In The Riding of Vancouver Point-Grey?


Apparently, at least according to a gaggle of young BC Liberals, really, really big happenings are going to be happening next Saturday (had the Saturday wrong in the original post) in the very riding where Ms. Clark just can't be bothered to show up for all-candidates meetings, etc.

And how many people have committed to going to the really big happening so far, which these fine folks have been advertising for quite awhile now?


If you would like to hazard a guess just think of Nigel Tufnel in Spinal Tap turning things all the way up to...


That's right....


(as of 10:00am this morning)



I'm sure that many of those young BCL members, some of whom sure seem to spend a lot of their time on the Twittmachine doing just about everything except trying to get out the vote for their candidate in her actual riding, really are in this for all the right reasons.

But there is an irony in all of their non-retailing of the non-local.

And to get the gist of that you'll have to read a couple of chunks from a statement from the Alma Mater Society of the UBC regarding how the scheduling for that all-candidates meeting that Ms. Clark didn't bother to show up for early last week was done:

You see where I'm coming from now?

And where, perhaps, some of those young kids who are doing their darndest to hook their wagons to Ms. Clark's rapidly disappearing coattails are not?

Coming from, I mean.

Speaking of kids and all they can do, and all that....If you haven't listened to 'The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night' when you have to get things done, or when you want to be transported to a different place, you really should...OK?
Oh....One last thing...If you go read that much, much longer than 140 character statement from the AMS kids in its entirety you will see that they did speak to a young Mr. Sam Oliphant prior to the meeting and they did tell him that they were not interested in having a stand-in from another riding appear...The good Mr. Oliphant is currently a communications officer for the BC Liberal Party...But not long ago, as reported by Cassidy Olivier of the Province, he was a BC Liberal Party government caucus research officer whose name was at the top of an Email that was designed to disseminate the 'Book of John Cummins' to a whole bunch of other fine folks, some young and some not so.



Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm reading this wrong but the facebook link says April 13, next Saturday.

RossK said...



RossK said...

Fixed now.

Thanks Anon.

Had the week wrong in original post.


Norm Farrell said...

Is that picture of British Columbians or is it another shot from That is where Jim Shepard's CC4BC found their "supporters" photo.

Anonymous said...

3636 West 4th Ave. is a massage parlor - how appropriate ;)