Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dipper Developments...Is The Guard (Really) Changing?


From the CP (unbylined in The Province):

VANCOUVER — The provincial council of British Columbia’s New Democrats has put off a decision on the date of a leadership vote to replace outgoing party leader Adrian Dix.

Earlier this week, the party’s executive recommended that the vote be set for May 25 of next year.

The date needs to be ratified by a vote of the provincial council, which now says a decision won’t be made until the issue has been discussed at a meeting on Nov.17.

The council says the meeting, immediately following the party’s convention, will allow for a better process for discussion...

As we noted previously, this whole 'date for the BCNDP leadership vote' thing may be about a whole lot more than Nathan Cullen.

Which means the kiboshing of the party executive's attempt to ram through an early date by the provincial council may actually open the door to a new guard, from inside the party, to have a run at the thing.

Which was a point that John Horgan made the other day on the MoCo.

Which makes this date change stuff a pretty big deal, right?

Particularly when you consider the fact that the entire puffed-up punditry around here has been calling for a changing of the Dipper guard, pretty much non-stop, since May 14th at approximately 8:17pm give or take 90 seconds or so.

Well, apparently not.

Because if you are the Dean of the Lotuslandian Legislative Press Gallery it would appear that it is actually a point of cynical derision.

Or some such thing....




Don F. said...

Finally Mr. Palmer has found his format,Twitter. God knows newsprint wasn't for him.

RossK said...


To be fair, he often posts up some real nuggets on his Twittmachine feed.

I note that the punditry is all abuzz this morning with the news that DCorrigan is calling for ADix to step down.

Seems there really is an old guard v. new guard struggle going on which is, I reckon, the real 'news' here.