Saturday, October 26, 2013

What Did The Stomping Of The Therapeutics Initiative And The Six Million Dollar Deal Have In Common?


A former very fine public servant by the name of Mr. Graham Whitmarsh, who just happens to be one of the two architects of the six million dollar deal that ended the RailGate trial just as Gary Collins was about to take the stand, did not work non-stop for the BC Liberal regimes of Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark before his recent, apparently permanent, departure.

Specifically, the good Mr. Whitmarsh took a little break from the Golden Era government a few years back and went to work for the pillar of society, purveyor of fine (reduced tax-levied) motorcars, and operator of golf courses, Mr. David Ho, with (surprise!) Mr. Gary Collins.

And when he came back to government, first in the Campbellerian end days, and then, later, in the dawning of the Age of Snooklandia, the good Mr. Whitmarsh spent some time running the Ministry of Health.

Which brings us to Rod Mickleburgh's recent post about the re-funding of the Therapeutics Initiative, an Health Ministry-funded entity that both the Campbelleros and the Snooklandians have done their best to kill for years, despite the fact that it has saved British Columbians millions of dollars and helped to protect them from useless and/or adverse drug reactions (or worse).

Here is Mr. Mickleburgh's final paragraph (but I recommend you go and read the entire thing):

...Finally, with the departure of Gordon Campbell-appointee Graham Whitmarsh as deputy health minister and the fine Stephen Brown in his place, the (provincial) government listened. Health Minister Terry Lake announced this week that the Therapeutics Initiative would be resuming its valuable work...

Imagine that!



Norm Farrell said...

No doubt, the servant who demonstrated great loyalty to patrons, packed his Mont Blanc ball points into an attaché case and moved on to another satisfying sinecure.

RossK said...


No doubt, indeed.

(and with $461,643 in his pocket before that satisfaction even began)