Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hey, Dippers!...Before You Decide On That Leadership Date...

....Why Don't You Listen To What Horgan Has To Say?

Here is the link to nine minutes of Mr. Horgan talking to that other Gregor guy on the CluffMaster-free MoCo Morning Show from Victoria yesterday.


For the time-challenged and/or link-hitting averse, here's my short and snappy summary...

1) He wants the party to give the new/younger (i.e. non-old guard) MLA's like Mungall, Eby, Hebert and Fleming time to blossom.

2) He is in favour of waiting until 2015 for the Leadership decision to facilitate the above.

3) If Mr. Dix were to step down prior to a 2015 leadership race he would be willing to consider a short stint as interim leader.

4) He seems to be really concerned that, especially if the new/younger folks don't get a chance to really step to the fore, that the BCNDP may truly become a perpetual opposition party.

(if anybody has issue with the above, feel free to correct me/add insight in the comments)

My take?...Makes a heckfire lot of sense...Also seems that Mr. Horgan made the decision to step aside for all the right reasons.
BTW...Scotty on Denman called the potential for an interim leadership deal before any of the proMedia punditry (see comments, here).



Eleanor Gregory said...

I first got to know John Horgan when I was a Vancouver School Board trustee and he was education critic. John has always impressed me as very bright, thoughtful and truly interested in public policy and the constituents he represents. And I love it that he speaks his mind. Sad in a way that he's not going to seek the leadership, but he's putting the interests of his party and the province ahead of his own interests.

e.a.f. said...

sounds like the best plan yet! Horgan has support. Young people who aren't currently in politics may want to take a run at the position, this would be a perfect time for them and have some time to warm up.

Hope they NDP takes the suggest to heart. Dix takes a vacation. Horgan goes to work and rebuilds the party. The new/young leadership hopefulls get a chance to show their stuff.

paul said...

Bernard von Schulmann has an interesting argument for quicker action.
I don't have an opinion on the date, but think the decision will be a big test of the party's ability to avoid the destructive infighting that is one of the reasons it loses elections. (I'm not saying Carole James would have won the election, but.....)

RossK said...


Agreed. Recent performance just one more indicator that he would make an excellent premier. Thing is, he would have to get elected and I think a subtext running through the interview is the fact that he understands how unlikely that would be precisely because he would be perceived as a member of the old guard.



I, too, think it is a good plan...But of course the local proMedia is wurlitzering up the fact that the Dippers are actually wrestling with it as a sign of weakness and turmoil (see Hunter/Bailey piece in Thursday's Globe for example)



I hear you, and understand the destructiveness of the infighting....However, if you spin the wheel and look at this from a slightly different angle you could argue that part of the difficulty is the democratic component to the running of the party.

And I agree that BvS' take is an interesting one...But he focusses on Cullen and misses Horgan's point (and one I've made here before) that the provincial party needs to think about how it can elevate it's young stars internally.


Anonymous said...

Pretty much everyone I know, feel let down by Horgan and all of the NDP.

Christy Clark is just another Harper stooge, as Gordon Campbell was.

Many BC people are saying they are voting Green, especially the younger generation.

RossK said...


Your last sentence is something that Mr. Horgan has thought about also...In fact, it is one of the reasons why he feels that the party should do its best to elevate it's own younger generation.

I really suggest you have a listen to the interview - hopefully, it will decrease your let down feeling.

Anonymous said...

Good summary, good plan.

Although I believe Horgan would make an outstanding leader, the spectre of the Dix severance cheque Horgan signed off on made me uneasy...

CC's puppet spiders will gain no traction weaving tales about John as interim leader...

If the "universe unfolds as it should", I look forward to the Honourable John Horgan publicly flaying the putrid flesh of Liberal skeletons for the amusement and edification of we, the great unwashed somnulents...

ps The puppet masters have a warm and fuzzy place for the divisive Green vote...hence the adbucks...and Sterkification of media spin...

RossK said...

Jeebuz, SH--

Good point about the cheque and the Sterkification.

You really should put out your own shingle so we can read your contributions more regularly.



Anonymous said...

RossK I don't have your stamina, faithful heart, or rollodex mind.

But thanks.


RossK said...

Just so you know...

I'll take guest bloggers.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again.

Don't know if I'm ready for the big league yet...If I manage to channel something longer than a paragraph or two, I'll keep your generous offer in mind!


RossK said...