Tuesday, May 06, 2014

This Day In Snookland...In Which All Connections With SNC-Lavalin Disappear.


From the hardest working man in the Lotuslandian proMedia, Bob Mackin, this time in The Tyee:

The B.C. government's Industry Training Authority has a new board of directors, and the May 5 news release heralds the appointment of Gwyn Morgan as the Crown corporation's $1-a-year chair.

While it emphasizes how Morgan was the founding CEO of oil and natural gas producer EnCana Corp., it doesn't mention his tenure as chair of SNC-Lavalin, the troubled Montreal engineering giant...




Anonymous said...


RossK: "Surprised?"

Only that the Mistress of Shamelessness waited a almost a year to find him an public perch.

Ray Blessin said...

Gwyn "Gwyn" Morgan donated a million bucks
to the Fraser Institute. That is ALL we need to know about him.

cfvua said...

Maybe the ITA will now be offering training in industrial espionage as well. Wasn't Mr Morgan involved in "poofing" some corporate assets while attempting to catch some vandals a while back? And I'm sure that nobody that he ever issued direction to while at AEC or Encana would have ever told contractors to leave the trainees at home. A team only. The new norm will most likely be awareness training not proficiency training. Calgary grease patchers seem to think H2S courses etc. taken every three years equal training rather than using the time to increase skill levels or put the time towards apprenticeships.

motorcycleguy said...

Norm Farrell had something here, I remember commenting per below


Speaking of Mr. Morgan....this is a copy of some old thoughts of mine regarding spiritual inclinations and positions awarded to the Board of the Dalai Lama Centre...from a Vancouver Sun article 21 Sep 2009

"To help pull off the ambitious project, however, Chan has put together a small team of staff and drawn together some high-powered people to serve on the board of the Dalai Lama Center. They include former University of B.C. president Martha Piper; Brenda Eaton, a top-level B.C. government civil servant; Gwyn Morgan, former president of giant Encana Corporation; Evan Alderson, former dean of arts at Simon Fraser University, Tom Rafael, a lawyer, and James Hoggan, a noted public relations specialist who also chairs the David Suzuki Foundation."

Gwyn Morgan, per above article. Brenda Eaton former BC Hydro board member in charge of setting standards of conduct, Martha Piper on the board of TransAlta, James Hoggan...well, you know......kind of makes you go hmmmmm....in a Tibetan monk sort of way?? or power generator sort of way??

If Mr. Morgan has actually heard the echo of yak bells in the Himalayas...yet still does not get the the message...we have a tough row to hoe.

ron wilton said...

Anybody (christy and Stephy) who thinks Mr. Morgan is one of the good guys must be confusing good guys with good fellas.


cfvua said...

Any fond memories of the time Mr Morgan was going to generously ( $1 / year) head Mr. Harper's board of appointments? Until the public spoke up and it was thought better to not have a board or Morgan at all. Clark must not have received/read the memo. Certainly not her first mistake in making appointments. Too bad Harper wouldn't have changed his mind on Campbell. And a few senators.

e.a.f. said...

the salary is about right, $1 a yr. Its just the side benefits I’m concerned about, not to mention the message it sends to children in this province. Given his appointment, there really isn’t any reason the Hell’s Angels can’t have an appointment here and there. lThey do have business experience and some other experience. In my question is: what is the difference between a SNC-Lavalin exec and the Hell’s Angels?

kootcoot said...

".....what is the difference between a SNC-Lavalin exec and the Hell’s Angels"

It is insulting to Hell's Angels to even suggest they are anywhere nearly as amoral and downright sleazy as SNC-Lavalin execs or members of the BC LIEberal crime family disguised as government!