Tuesday, October 11, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Hey, Rubes!...Get Your Site C Blue Ribbon Propagammon Here!


The energy expert....errr...former GordoCo, Inc. apparatchik who currently sits atop the  BC Hydro Billion Dollar Pyramid had something important  to tell us on the Twittmachine earlier today about an 'independent' review that the pyramid has been sitting on for almost a month:

And, surprise!, that 'independent' review says everything about Site C is just Jim-Dandy-To-The-Rescued, thank-you very much.


But what, exactly, were those fine folks from Ernst and Young and the BTY Consultancy Group assessing?

Well, if you thought they might be asking if Site C and its $10 billion price tag is even needed by BC Hydro you would be wrong.

Instead, they looked at super-duper, secret-saucey, project-risky, milestone-ish stuff like the following, taken directly from Hydro's uber-fine extra-shiny press release:

"Given Site C's early stage in its lifecycle, our review did not find any evidence to suggest that major project milestones and financial targets will not be met. Overall, the Site C project is both clearly defined and well-planned."

"BC Hydro employs an industry leading approach to project management via the Project & Portfolio Management system, with practices scaled to both the complexity and size of Site C."
"While project execution risks do exist, those risks are well-understood and managed by the project team."

"A robust process was followed in order to establish the project budget, and extensive due diligence was conducted."

"Site C benefits from best-in-class software that BC Hydro has implemented and integrated over the past five years, including SAP, P6 (Primavera), HeavyBid, Unifier, and others."

"Finally, we were strongly encouraged by the level to which Site C has leveraged the depth of knowledge within the broader BC Hydro organization around key areas such as project, contract, and interface management."


I wonder what kinds of things, other than secret-saucey stuff the BC Utilities Commission, at least as it used to be constituted, might have looked into instead?

Guess we'll never know given that, as Laila Yuile has explained, the Clarklandian Wizardry has exempted their current version of Site C from any and all BCUC oversight.

Imagine that!

Was going to put a link to Black Oak Arkansas down here to take care of any and all ear worms but, in my opinion at least, they are even worse than I remember them...



Anonymous said...

If you cant control the message just bypass BCUC?

cfvua said...

My "independent" view of the site today illustrated that, yes, a large amount of money is being spent on preventing the North bank from sliding into the river. An activity that is most likely being absorbed by the contractor, or so the report would indicate. Not really likely however in the real world of admitted lack of geotechnical knowledge of the site. Much money is made on overages moved due to inadequate geotechnical informaytion.
As the site has been studied and mostly rejected back in the day of Jumpin Jack Weisgerber, any claimed lack of this knowledge on BCHydro's behalf could be considered negligence. The fact that excavators are again working in the flowing water after DFO admonished the corporation earlier this year would indicate further negligence. So much for fall spawning window.
At what point will ratepayers/taxpayers get that this project will be the largest driver of rate increases in the history of BC Hydro?
More visuals of this should be out soon. Mr Wakefield has a good piece in the Dawson Creek Mirror which highlights the disclaimer statement of the somewhat conflicted report writers. Readers need to review photos on Laila's site for reference to the newer ones,when they appear.

scotty on Denman said...

That's just Dandy, Jim!