Thursday, March 09, 2017

This Day In Pay-To-Playland...They Only Smear Those They Fear Most.


Klout Klub Lobby Hobby Uber-Alles!

Or some such thing.



Anonymous said...

With the BC Liberal's open & accountable record on freedom of information request results the Premier's Marky M. exposes only himself.

Anonymous said...

BC has lost the moral Authority and social licence ,breach of fudiciary duty and breach of public trust.At least til May.

Anonymous said...

With respect to attacks, can you clarify the story on Steelworkers Union supporting CC and then the story it was all fake news ?
Which is right ?


Guy In Victoria

Anonymous said...


Marky M is a thirsty, fresh-faced, choir boy in short pants. Whereas @NickKouvalis swims with sharks.

"Inside Nick Kouvalis’s fake news strategy"
Meghan‏ @Gingerwombat Feb 2

I shouldn't be shocked but still kind of am that @christyclarkbc was using alt-right asshole @NickKouvalis on her re-election campaign.
Ralph Maundrell‏ @RalphMaundrell Feb 1

Hey @christyclarkbc, is @NickKouvalis working on your campaign again? A little embarrassing, no? #bcpoli …

Eleanor Gregory said...

"We only cheat when we can't win."

I think I'm hearing that again.

RossK said...


To be be specific...

It has been happening ever since those 'flyers' started appearing on Creme de la Creme telephone poles back in the days of that first Eby/Clark by-election...





Anonymous said...

"taxpayer-funded propaganda from the B.C. Liberals but not for a water tower for Telkwa"

Anonymous said...

Hey Ross,

I saw that article in the link you provided what I did not see as yet is an apology from the Province newspaper, other news sites setting the record straight or bloggers making fun at the Province.
Have we lost all decency to professionalism in the MSM. Why hasn't John Horgan capitalized on this false news story ?


Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Norm Farrell - yet again - brings us some great research.
Which points to some of Richard McCandless' work:

4 pages -

3 pages -

These are MUST READS if you're paying attention.

More from McCandless:

Anonymous said...

o/t: OMG VP's knickers are well knotted

Report on health firings debacle needed before election

The alpha & omega quotes:

"The office of Ombudsperson Jay Chalke reported this week that he remains on track to wrap up his 18-months-long investigation into those botched firings in the health ministry. On that basis, British Columbians can expect answers before the election on one of the murkiest scandals in the life of the B.C. Liberal government."
"These firings are rightly considered the most outrageous treatment of staff in the modern day history of the public service. They happened before the last election. British Columbians should not have to go to the polls once again without a proper accounting for the debacle."

RossK said...


Of course the real question, which Mr. Palmer failed to raise in any significant way in this latest column, is whether or not Mr. Chalke can (or will) give said 'proper accounting for the debacle'.

And another important thing to remember when you read anything the good Mr. Palmer writes about this matter is that he (i.e. the Dean) has had skin in the game on this thing from the beginning.

Heckfire, a close reading of the history of the thing might lead those who have been paying attention to conclude that Mr. Palmer became invested in the 'success' of Mr. Chalke's public inquiry-free investigation before there was any investigation.

If you get my drift.


e.a.f. said...

some are still reading Palmer's stuff? just check a press release from the C.Cers and you have it all. News reported via the ticker tap on t.v. that Vancouver Sun/province were laying off more people. wonder if they will keep Palmer on until after the election??? well he is essential to the re-election campaign of c.c. and her b.c. lieberals isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross...something interesting in question period, Mr Eby confronted the Minister of Housing, on "loans" for certain housing developments.
Interestingly enough Coleman appeared flustered and offered a "veiled threat" about something he could not say in the house. These so called taxpayer loans, may be a very interesting thing to explore further. Seems, there may be more than this than meets the eye. Perhaps Mr. Eby should "peel this onion" a tad further, maybe he is on to some thing...

RossK said...

Thanks Anon-Above--

Am following...