Thursday, March 16, 2017

Why Did Premier Miss Yet More Time In The Legislature?


First, the following, from Bob Mackin:


What kinds of things was our fine Premier up to that kept her from dealing with the people's business?

Well, according to Vancouver Metro's David Ball at least, she spent some of her non-Ledge time running away the press, but not through tunnels as first suggestively reported.

Or some such thing:

...Metro and other journalists waiting outside (the BC Tech Summit at the Vancouver Convention Ctr) hoped to ask Clark about the growing scandal that’s dominated the news cycle just two months ahead of a pivotal provincial election. But Clark did not make herself available to the media...


...Editor's note: After this story ran, the premier's press secretary contacted Metro to state that the premier entered and exited the building through the front entrance (i.e. not through an underground tunnel). The story has been changed to reflect that.

(stuff in brackets, above, mine)

No word, however, from the Premier's office on whether or not her pants were still on fire when she did so.



Eleanor Gregory said...

I've also heard that she missed some class time while she was a student at SFU.

Evidence of a pattern?

Lew said...

That fire was far too small. I would prefer a world class bonfire.

North Van's Grumps said...

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Grant G said...

Andrew Weaver's high heel ban Bill died on the legislature floor..

BC Liberal Campaign donation reform Bill died on the floor...

BC Liberals didn't want the debate to go on over campaign finance...Christy Clark was afraid of what would be said in legislature debates..

Did you catch this rogue interview by Clark...

bigtime BC Liberal inner circle fight going on....Party advisers want Christy to stay quiet, work behind the scenes...Christy Clark wants to be election star, including the election ads... Christy Clark wants pissing contest..Clark fired advisers?, rumor has it 2 advisers sent packing!!!

Clark went against her advisers and made critical error by saying this..

When 70% of people in BC have unfavorable opinion of Clark...Those Clark statements reinforced their views on Clark..

Where is Christy Clark's anti-bullying pink shirt?

Lastly...why is Clark so angry?

non stop guv ads for over 1 year..ndp attack ads running, budget announcements made and...

BC Lib internal polls show the same thing as this..

Clark is losing big in greater Vancouver ridings, losing big on Vancouver island...

Even splashing money around, shoveling cash off the back of a truck isn't turning voters onto her party...

something happening here Ross..

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

e.a.f. said...

ms. c.c. anti bullying pink t shirt, seems to have forgotten all about that. Called John Horgan spin less. Not nice Christy. I would conclude she wants people to think she does have a spine. Note to Christy, You can be premier and not have a spine or a leg or a foot or a hand, but you can't be a decent premier if you don't have a brain or a heart. Brains and heart is one thing John Horgan does have.

while Christy was hiding or raising funds for her war chest, 8 children in care died. perhaps if Christy hadn't spent so much time fund raising and spent her time doing the job the taxpayers paid her to do some of those kids might still be alive...... hey Christy you out there or are you checking for your spine?

Christy like Trump only knows how to be in campaign mode, not how to run a government for those other than their friends and financial supporters.

Willy said...

Is she going to pull a Harper and pre - vet the herd before she opens her mouth? 10 softballs from Vaughn and the Keester? Skip debates? If the NDP can't rip the scandal - scabs off of the acres of sores covering the libs then there is no excuse.

Grant G said...

@willy....Christy Clark, from what I heard, she doesn't want to do any debates..

Big-time negotiating by BC Liberals on debate formula, questions asked..

My gut tells me there won't be any debates by BC Liberals, or by Christy Clark ..BC Liberal party has ordered all their MLAs and those running to not attend any riding debates...

Christy Clark has calculated more harm than good can come from debates..


e.a.f. said...

No debates, that ought to be boring.

off topic: Laila Yuile has a post up about a survey being run and no one seems to know who ordered it. The questions are up on her blog. its interesting, So does any one know who ordered the survey.

who knows perhaps the survey was ordered to form the questions Christy and her cabal would be interested in answering.

RossK said...


Based on the hit piece published in the VSun yesterday based on an interview with PostMedia it would appear that the answer to your question is most definitely...



Scotty on Denman said...

I still think Site-C is one of the most damning---uh-sorry---indictable things the BC Liberals have ever done. If Christy can't profitably hustle on the Island, or Vancouver, or the Sunshine Coast---and even the minister of agriculture is packing up his office guitar in Kelowna---then just where can she go a stump-whoppering? Jumbo Peaks? Kitimat? Mount Polley?

Maybe do some stump-whopperin' off the back of a BC Rail car?...nah. Serve up some chowder on BC Ferries?...nuh-uh. Rupert?...hmmm. Surely not at some remote IPP extra-venal installation.

Seems perversely deserved there might be only one place right for her to behold a safe crowd, peace be dammed.

Willy said...

With the lawsuit announced today, the shite is pil;ing up on the liberal doorstep. Anybody got some lighter fluid and a match?

Anonymous said...

What's happened to VP?
Is he still in the dead editions?
Nothing online since March 10, 2017.

Chevron Calls End of LNG Mega Project After $88 Billion Spree

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Our Hopelessly Dysfunctional BC

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