Sunday, March 26, 2017

This Sunday In Lotusland...A Great City Deserves A Great Newspaper.


If that's just not possible, some great pamphleteers...

Norm Farrell explains why our town's no longer even remotely great newspapers refuse to tell their readers what is really happening at BC Hydro:

...It should be a scandal this once proud enterprise is spending massive amounts without public purpose, particularly while disabled people live in abject poverty and elementary schools rely on donated paper. Clearly though, large businesses and investors gain from BC Hydro’s spending and they want it to continue, even if provincial debt and obligations already burden every household in BC with almost $90,000.

Newspapers beholden to special interests are unwilling to report how sponsoring elites profit by abusing the wallets of taxpaying citizens. What debased media will report is anything that advances the positions of their masters...


North Van's Grumps asks...Are the BC Liberals regularly pulling reverse Fassbenders? 


Dermod Travis of Integrity BC goes flying right past the $93,000 in the BC Liberal Party's clerical errors in fundraising without even trying:

...Here's the thing. If you take the four lobbyists whose names have already been linked to this scheme in the media – plus one more who has confirmed their participation to IntegrityBC – and knock off all their personal donations under $1,000 (on the presumption they're more likely to be genuinely personal), their total donations come to $116,177 (2005 to 2016).

And that's before checking the donations of even a single other lobbyist or senior staff person. Nice try, guys...


Bob Mackin reveals....How the sheep farmer keeps walking away with bags of our money, also without even trying.


Laila Yuile illustrates...The push behind the polling - especially when it comes to matters Site C.


Grant G. thinks...There really is something rotten in the state of Lotuslandian Real Estate. 


And, finally, Mr. Beer 'N Hockey makes like Mike Royko while simultaneously taking down MAGA down at the sawmill:

Had a crew meeting with the f*cking boss in the lunch room today. I took notes so you would not miss anything.

Firstly, as in all such meetings, there was a lot of talk about doom.

Secondly, another management favourite topic, gloom.

Thirdly, there was some talk about making the f*cking sawmill great again.

All us workers thought the meeting was over once that went over our head but there was one more thing on the boss' mind.

"We have been having trouble with the toilets getting all bunged up this winter. Been happening so much someone must be bunging them up on purpose. We hope we are going to get to the bottom of it before the f*cking plumber's fees forces us to close down this mill like the one in Merritt."

We were barely out the lunchroom door before somebody dubbed our overflowing toilet situation Sh*ttergate.

And on that sheepherder hardly workin' to take our money piece by Mr. Mackin...Ms. T's response is worth laughing at and/or ridiculing because...BC Liberal entitlement...Or some such thing.
And, on an extra special musical note...Some of you may recall (but probably don't) my boosterism for all things Aaron Lee Tasjan awhile back (PW - he was the opener for the Felice Brothers last fall)...Well, anyway, to see the evolution blues of Mr. Tasjan's guitar work unleashed, see...This (be sure and stay through the 4 minute mark - especially you Beer, what with your tributes to freedom and St Louis and duckwalking and all that).



Lew said...

It's worth repeating that the "pros" who could make a newspaper great in this town would do themselves and potential readers a great service by treating the blogs listed above as the equivalent of that bar in the commercial. In other words a valuable resource and ally. Continued failure to do so is not working for them. Or us.

Anonymous said...

I live in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.
We have one newspaper; the Nanaimo Bulletin owned as so many newspapers are by Black Press.
Newspapers more often than not project the thoughts and wishes of their owners.

This amounts to the brainwashing of those that get their news from the printed media.

Mr Black is a supporter of oil and gas exports from BC; can we expect any negative news! from his publications?

The same can be said for the Post Media chain which has thrown it's weight behind oil and gas exports.

Regardless of your viewpoint on oil and gas ; I'm sure we can agree that we need more viewpoints to make our decisions.


Grant G said...

Wow....That's a list of near unequaled talent you lumped me in on...

The big Vancouver Sun/Province journalistic purge...

I have mixed feelings, on one hand I feel bad for those who lost their jobs, because in my opinion those jobs are never coming back..

And who is to blame?

Government, federal government and the media regulator..they allowed an unhealthy concentration of Canada's media...

As for the media concentration(camp)..if unfettered journalism was allowed to flourish and grow under that concentration...if, but the reverse happened, those written voices whose stories, research and editorials went against corporate interests, and or Postmedia's corporate interest they were tempered, and literally silenced..

2015 fed election, Postmedia demanded each Canadian paper in their possession from coast to coast endorse Stephen Harper...

Which led to the hilarity of the Globe and Mail endorsing Stephen Harper, with a proviso, "after a PC victory their leader Stephen Harper should resign"...

When a newspaper has to get all goofy to explain away an endorsement...

When that happens any pretense of journalism is gone..

The list of writers mentioned above suss out facts, details, government dirt, corporate dirt, they've done it week in week out, for years, dogs with bones, won't let go until they get an answer, or get the truth...that is a quality sorely lacking in our domestic mainstream media..and I don't blame individual journalists, their corporate bosses give marching, so they march..

oh, when I say media and journalists I'm talking about print and radio media, television news emanating from Global BC and CTV for years and years is mere cheerleading for hire.

Keith Baldrey....I won't even talk about him, he's a BC Liberal Christy Clark sounding board..nuff said.

May 9th, election day, Andrew Weaver Greens can't win, or come close to winning government, and that's not to say they couldn't govern given a chance, however, as of yet they aren't a big enough force to compete..

As for John Horgan and company...I've met John, talked to him, he's smart, speaks well, good ideas for the masses, and no, I don't agree with everything on his platform(such as subway to UBC)...

However....only the NDP has a chance to replace the BC Liberal gang, and replacing is a must....not for the NDP but for the people of British Columbia, corruption and rot has infected and spread to every corner of the BC Liberal Party..

Diapers need to be changed, stench is unbearable..

So go out and vote..

A sincere thanks to those fine writers listed above, including you Mr. K

Good Day

Anonymous said...

You tell your kids to do their home work so we ,as adults, must also do so.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The 'news media's' demise is nothing more than them suffering from their owners success.
The more consolidated the media has become ; the more consolidated the output.
With little to no choices readers and viewers go elsewhere ( maybe not so much with TV)
It is difficult to feel sorry for those that give us so little choice ; going down the drain.


davemj said...

Glanced through the Sunday Province to-day left on the counter did not even read it the cafe is wasting their money all i saw was old news about Baccus and bullying holy crap!four people came in only one looked in the paper took the comics out dam i wish i had thought of that

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Some fine dirty ass rock 'n' roll from Aaron Lee Tasjan you directed me to. Going to have to try and find some vinyl from the guy.

Thanks for the shout out on Shittergate. It had already been read more often (and much more thoroughly) than the Liberals had read Elections BC laws in the last twenty years but now it is going through the roof.