Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hey!...I'm Entitled To My Entitlements.


For a variety of reasons, including the fact that littler e. had to work this afternoon, we decided to get the ferry back to Lotusland from Vancouver Isle this morning.

And, despite the fact that it was not a heavy traffic time, we paid the reservation ransom purely for the sure thing.


Because we were travelling in a super-stuffed, puff'n-fluffed car that included all the Christmas goodies, a bunch of musical instruments, a mountain of knitting materials, and both the Whackadoodle and the Kitty Kat (Not) Fat.

Which meant that waiting even an extra hour at the terminal would have been joyless in the extreme.

Anyway, imagine my deck four-aged rage when, regardless our reservation, we were shunted to the far outside lane when we drove onto the ferry.

And, in case you didn't know it, that means you get off the boat pretty much dead last.

Which means that, invariably, you are doomed to crawl through the back end of post-trip traffic pretty much all the way to the tunnel.

Boy, was I steamed.


Of course, as is so often the case with things like this that get blown out of proportion in my own head, everything turned out just fine in the end, mostly because we were on the good old-fashioned Queen of New Westminister which is a small boat that carries considerably fewer cars than either the Spirits or the Kraut-Rock ferries.

And the added bonus...

The KK(N)K didn't even retch until I picked him up to take him in the house when we got home.

Escaped another one.

Photo at the top of the post from a BC Ferries aficionado named Scott who also runs a BCF-centric discussion board.



Anonymous said...

I did find myself pleasantly surprised to discover the reservation ransom was only $10 for planning ahead (I think 2 weeks?).

Of course, pleasantly surprised is relative considering the fares for our trips between Calais and Dover were less and reservations were actively encouraged by charging more for NOT having them.

I've learned to ask for upper deck upon arrival (as we nearly always travel with up to 2 dogs and 3 cats) so we can have access to the truck during the sailing.

And now we have a new grandbaby, more frequent trips to the mainland are in my future.


davemj said...

MY cat Miss Buzzy passed away a year ago in Sept age 17 was a quiet cat most of her life until we had a car and ferry trips up to the Sunshine Coast when the whole trip became a bloody Meow fest!

Eleanor Gregory said...

There is something worse than being in the outside lane and that is being on the lower deck. Now the rules prohibit humans from staying in their vehicles during the trip if their vehicle ends up on the lower deck. That is hard on the travelling animal companions who, of course, have to stay in the vehicle parked on the lower deck by themselves.

motorcycleguy said...

What Eleanor said times 3

e.a.f. said...

I prefer the outside lane on the left hand side of the ferry, as you drive on. Why? It gives you more space to get in and out of your vehicle. If you are in the middle lanes, you can't get out if your back is out or you're fat. I have both issues. I simply get on the car deck and point to the side I want to go and don't move until they agree. I simply will not be stuck in my car and not be able to go to the bathroom.

Being stuck in the truck/bottom deck now means you are forced to leave that deck. For some of us that doesn't work, so you make a reservation to be able to get on the upper deck. The sudden change not permitting people to stay in their vehicles on the lower deck is just a cost cutting measure by the Ferry Corporation. They don't want to pay staff to walk the lower deck. Many people simply can not deal with all the noise on the passenger lounges. We ought not to have to pay for a reservation to get on the upper car deck.

Do love the old ferries though. Much better than the German ones.

Armand Bourque said...

The excuse is transport canada. The intent isto increase exposure to the nonstop marketing blare. Combination cattle car and casino.

RossK said...


I guess paying that damnable reservation fee is pretty much the only way can be sure not be on the bottom deck.


Eleanor Gregory said...

On one occasion, when I realized that I was going to be directed to board the lower deck, I rolled down my window and told the ferry worker directing traffic that I would rather wait for the next ferry so I could be on an upper deck. Said ferry worker directed me into the line up for the next ferry.

RossK said...


One hour wait or two?


Armand Bourque said...

And how 'BOUT that transit system,h. bay-downtown? 3bus wait,ran out the special card,got double dipped to make it to the burbs. When did a closed door club get the right NOT to accept legal tender?Can we pay them in coupons?