Tuesday, January 30, 2018

BC Liberal Leadership Race - Pots Gang Up On Kettle And Call Him A Black Rock.


Or, perhaps more accurately, a sheepish Stone...

From the hardest driving purveyor of BC Liberal lapdogtogenerian leaks himself, the Keef:

BC Liberal leadership candidate Todd Stone is facing a serious accusation from four of his rivals.

A letter signed by campaign staffers for Andrew Wilkinson, Michael Lee, Dianne Watts and Mike de Jong said the rules committee and executive council of the BC Liberals had recently met to discuss “invalid or rejected memberships collected by the Todd Stone leadership campaign.”...

Such a lovely bunch, considering.



Lew said...

Black Rock, you say...


I wonder if Todd will open the door before he leaves. Unlike Mr. Borgnine.

Lew said...

Really don't know why this lovely bunch are worried in the slightest. Geoff Plant is on board to scrutinize any conceivable attempt at skullduggery. What could possibly go wrong?


RossK said...


I, for one, feel so much better now.

Especially about any and all quid pro quos that may or may not arise.


Anonymous said...

like a lump of coal burning metaphor.?