Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Lede That Will Define Clarklandia Forever


From Keith Fraser's report on quick winner Brian Bonney's sentencing deliberations:

Numerous senior Liberal government officials, including cabinet ministers and members of former premier Christy Clark’s office, knew about and directed the activities of Brian Bonney in connection with the Quick Wins scandal, but wouldn’t have believed they were encouraging him to break the law, Bonney’s lawyer said Wednesday.

Ian Donaldson, a lawyer for Bonney, said that emails and other documents prove that his client reported to people in the premier’s office, including the deputy chief of staff, to people in the Liberal government caucus and to two ministers.

“All of these different people occupying senior positions in different roles in the government, I say were aware of his activities and indeed encouraged and gave him positive feedback about many of those activities,” Donaldson told Provincial Court Justice David St. Pierre. “They set directions and had expectations of him.”...


With that in mind, you might ask yourself the following...

If the Clarklandians had won the last election would the usual suspects in the Lotuslandian proMedia now be telling us that none of this matters given that the people have spoken and the episode has 'faded from the public consciousness'?

And, just in case you think the above question is nothing more than the crazed rantings of an idiot blogger, you might want to consider...This.



Grant G said...

Hello fellow "idiot blogger"

Not quite sure what type of defense Mr. Bonney is trying to assert....Guilty of following orders, guilty of going "too far" or guilty of succumbing to the echo chamber..

if memory serves...didn't the BC Liberal party repay the BC government some money for Bonney "work" ? oh it is.

"B.C. Premier Christy Clark says her government will adopt all of the recommendations from a probe that found a number of serious breaches of the government's code of conduct, including having her party repay $70,000 in misspent public funds."


The fine has been paid...Brian Bonney is a very senior political fact I think Mr. Bonney is also a lawyer....

To claim the "bambi" defense, as in I was just following orders...following orders given by members of Christy Clark's BC Liberal government who adhere to the Sergeant Shultz doctrine....

"I see nothing, I hear nothing"

amazing eh Ross....use stolen tax dollars for dirty unerhanded partisan in attempt to secure an election result through crimes and...

My guess..Mr. Bonney will not be sentenced to any jailtime...he'll get a fine..I figure..$10,000....


North Van's Grumps said...

In light of Bonney's plea to being guilty as charged, is the door now wide open that allows those others who got off the hook to now communicate with him?

For More Info on Bonney:


Eleanor Gregory said...

Brian Bonney is not a lawyer.

Lew said...

Claiming you were directed to do it and others knew about it is no defense for breaking the law. But if Bonney told John Dyble and the RCMP what his lawyer now tells the court, the public (especially our fine and free press) should be screaming hard questions of our Attorney General. Why was only Bonney charged? And is it too late to do it properly?

Ken Barry said...

The BC legal system along with the RCMP in a cess pool of sleaze and maleficence that would make Vlad Putin blush.
The Attorney General of BC has said as much.

RossK said...


It would appear that Mr. B's attorney is attempting to use the good soldier defense. I agree that it is somewhat bizarre from an exculpatory point of view. Eleanor may have thoughts about that though, in a general sense, of course.



Does that mean that you don't need to pass the bar to help lay astroturf?

(click through Eleanor. You'll dig the historical source - promise!)



Two excellent questions, indeed.



I would agree that there have been problematic specifics but I'm not sure that it such broad, sweeping brush strokes are warranted.

Unless, of course, we're talking curling!


e. a. f. said...

In my opinion, had there not been a change in government, we would not have been reading this from the msm, nor would we have seen Cooper's columns, etc. The msm is trying to get on board with the public sentiment and hope they buy papers. Of course one could think the msm is writing about this now and will later blame the NDP or things which occurred during B.C. Lieberal rule.

it is curious that only B. was charged and not a few politicians, i.e. like those he reported to, but alas this all started when the B.C. Lieberals were in office. This dos remind me a bit of the B.C. Rail show, the part where the two non politicians went to trial, but no politicians.

the sleeze, the sleeze of the RCMP and the B.C. lieberals. can hardly wait for some of the msm to blame the NDP.

RossK said...


Just to be clear....

Some in the local proMedia thought the Dyble report was just fabulous and really got to the bottom of things.

Because, apparently, it would appear that the members of the local club, including its most senior dean and directors, don't know a limited hangout washed whiter than white! white! white! when they see it.

Or some such thing.


Lew said...

For an example of a limited hangout washed whiter than white! white! white! and eaten whole without visible condiments by the local club, one only needs to give this audit a cursory review.

Anyone paying the slightest attention to the actual case and possessing an IQ over room temperature can easily spot the laundry marks. As even the local club possesses those minimum qualifications, I can only assume its members deliberately didn't report the inconsistencies. Some day they will have to tell us why.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that most of the media has totally ignored this story, but Global has time to report on a trial in Ontario where a former high ranking BC Liberal insider was cleared of charges, BUT NOT ONE SECOND AS FAR AS IVE SEEN ABOUT A HIGH RANKING BC LIBERAL GETTING SENTENCED FOR CRIMINAL ACTIVITY IN VICTORIA??????????

RossK said...


Pretty sure Woodward and Bernstein didn't decide to stop investigating when the evidence at hand took them inside the president's office...

(and/or when limited hangouts and/or white washing and/or Saturday Night Massacres tried to persuade them otherwise)