Monday, July 16, 2018

Sometimes The Bloody Algorithm Works Exactly As It Should.


We're back!

From holidays I mean.

And today I needed tunes to help me get through the towering pile of paperwork that constructed itself in my absence from the day job.

The medley below is the first thing that popped up on the YouTubes and I've been listening to it on repeat all afternoon.

I am of the firm opinion that the first song should be required listening for a whole lot of folks on both sides of the 49th parallel...

Of course, I am in no way pretending that, just because the goddamned algorithm can be used for good occasionally does not mean that it is not used for pure evil approximately ivory soap percent of the time.



Lulymay said...

Okay, Gaz, old friend. From a music point of view, you have to understand that pushing close to 80,I was an intense Elvis fan (still have my 1/2 ticket from the Statium concert). It was definitely rock n roll. Then Bill Haley came over from Nashville to "Rock around the Clock" The list is endless: Chuck Berry and all those blacks & whites that came up to the Show of Stars at the old Georgia Auditorium (gone), I was there, man, twice! But when the Beatles arrived and then the Stones I was in heaven...I loved CCR, Queen, The Who, but never abandoned the ones that started it all. You haven't lived until you saw Fats Domino(3x)playing his heart out, smiling all the way, while wiping his brow. That was real entertainment.

Even today - busy in the kitchen, crank up the music and dance around the stove to the fridge and around the kitchen bar, I am in heaven!

What would I do without music, and I can see you have the same id,but different decades. Great to see your whole family is likeminded!

RossK said...


What a fantastic comment!


(but just try the Isbell - if only for the lyricism...The first tune will knock you out. And don't be fooled he also rocks hard when he's playing with his full band and knows all about the history you're talkin' 'bout [not his or my generation, baby)


Glen Clark said...

Thanks for posting! Terrific tunes that I was unfamiliar with!

RossK said...


You have probably seen/heard the hype about about a rapper from Oakland named Boots Riley's film called 'Sorry To Bother You'.

But what you might not know is the union organizer angle to his (and his family's) life that is part of the inspiration.

The story is

(picked up the dead tree version while in the Bay Area last weekend)


Lew said...

Twelve-year old granddaughter a couple of months ago: “Grandpa, what are you reading now?”
Me: “Algorithms to Live By”
“Ugh. Sounds scary. What’s an algorithm?”
“Remember last week when you and your friend Ava made those lemon squares? That recipe was an algorithm.”
“Yes. You know, we’re made out of things that follow kind of a recipe written by our genes, so we’re made according to an algorithm.”
“Cool. Grandpa, can I read that book when you’re finished?”

Cool indeed.

karen said...

I do love some Isbell and Shires. It is a good playlist, but the first song is something else. It knocked me into tears that have been brewing thanks to all the anger at the state of the world lately. But in a good way; reminded that I am not the only one mad and that there are creative people doing something with their anger.

Welcome back from holidays.

Like Lulymay I dance around while I'm in the kitchen, like her, to the stuff that was popular when I was young.

Also, Lew's comment above is awesome too!

RossK said...


Lew's comments are always awesome!

The thing about 'White Man's World' that really slays me is that Isbell recognizes that part of the problem is his own acceptance of his privilege. He's the real deal.

Hey - what's your next elaborate set to build?


Anonymous said...

BCLib fav song?

e.a.f. said...

loved that first song! so old and so new, great voice. want the C.D.

I'm still learning how to spell algarythemes