Sunday, July 01, 2018

The Vancouver Model....Why?


There are five 'W's' in journalism.

And when it comes to what has come to be known as the Vancouver Model the first four (who, what, where, when) were nailed to the wall some time ago by the work of such folks as Sean Holman and Sam Cooper, not to mention paying attention more citizenish journalists like Sandy Garossino and Laila Yuile.


Now that all four of those W's have been brought to the fore again by the D. Eby-commissioned report from Peter German, I personally don't understand why the local proMedia wurlitzer has been cranked up to tell us about how the government of the day turned a blind eye to what was going on.

Why don't I get this 'blind eye' thing*?

Because, as Laila has pointed out again today and as I fussed about awhile back, it was much more than turning a blind eye given the willful dismantling if the Integrated Gaming Enforcement Team (IGET) in 2009 by Mr. Rich Coleman.

Which gets us to the real fifth W in this case, which is....

Why did the BC Liberal braintrust do this?


Put another slightly more pointed way...

Why did they put policies in place and take active de-regulatory/dismantling steps to facilitate massive gambling corruption in British Columbia and all the internecine webs weaved as a result?

*Actually, I do get it from a local proMedia perspective given that this story has all the same hallmarks of willful ignorance that surfaced when Dan Levin wrote his big money poli-donation 'Wild West' (sans Artemus Gordon) piece for the NYT...A piece, by the way, that Mr. Rich Coleman called 'laughable' at the time.



Anonymous said...

A liberal model... thats rich?

RossK said...



A most rich model, indeed, but not just for a particular Rich (alone)....Right?

And, just to be clear about all of this, we, like so many others who have been actually paying attention, have been returning, again and again, to Mr. Holman's interview with Mr. Coleman 'round here over the years.

And, even before all that there was Mr. Holman's interview with former IGET commander Fred Pinnock about institutional 'willful blindness'...., back in the darkest days of GordCo, Inc....Which is why I'm with Ms. Garrosino that there must be an accounting of all of it...Which takes us to esteemed reader Lew's point about how this rot goes back to the original pay-to-play sin of the BCL 'model'....Railgate.


Crankypants said...

CBC has an interesting article about Joe Schalk who was a part of the team disbanded by Mr. Coleman. My take is that some elected official is not being very truthful with his version of events.

I believe that there should be a public enquiry into this sordid affair. I can't help but think of the statements made by a member of CSIS about 10 years ago linking our provincial government to Chinese interests.

Lew said...

Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection does a magnificent job of explaining how natural populations got here without a grand designer. The BC Liberals and Rich Coleman would have us believe the Vancouver Model evolved without a grand design(er). No one should buy that explanation. Puppets don’t pull their own strings, and even incompetence has its limits.

Until and unless the NDP finds the backbone to hold a proper inquiry into corruption in this province we are left to speculate on who the grand corruption designer is, but there are a couple of names that keep appearing as candidates for the title. One in particular consistently shows up in scandals de jour over two decades of plunder.

Whether his involvement was the normal influence of a well-heeled and connected insider lobbyist or was more sinister on matters like BC Rail, real estate, breweries, gaming, automobile regulation etc. is open to speculation.

You’d think he’d be vociferously lobbying for an inquiry to demonstrate there’s nothing untoward. I wonder why he isn’t?

North Van's Grumps said...

Sean Holman said:
To my loyal readers...

November 1, 2011

Since 2003, I've been honoured to be your eyes and ears in British Columbia's capital city, providing daily investigative coverage of provincial politics. That coverage now amounts to an archive of more than 6,000 stories - many of which have had a substantial impact on public policy and governance. But all good things must come to an end. So today I'm announcing the suspension of the site's daily reporting.

Public Eye has been supported for the past two years by a small group of readers who have made monthly $10 contributions to keep me filing freedom of information requests, poring over government reports and holding politicians of all stripes to account. That support has been supplemented by the site's advertisers, whom I'm appreciative of. I'm also grateful to Business in Vancouver, CFAX 1070, The Globe and Mail, News 1130, Shaw TV, the Squamish Chief, The Tyee and the Whistler Question for welcoming my reporting and commentary. But all of this is not enough to sustain an investigative news service that last year was read by more than 200,000 unique visitors.

I have not made this difficult decision lightly. I founded Public Eye because I deeply believe journalism - the reporting of "something that somebody somewhere wants to suppress" - is an essential part of civic society. It informs and engages the public and, in doing so, safeguards democracy. So it troubles me that fewer and fewer resources seem to be devoted to this investigative function. SNIP ....

davemj said...

A petition to convince Prem Horgan and Attny Gen Eby, the people of this Province Demand one all the way back to Railgate and Scambell.

Trailblazer said...

A caller to CKNW was cut off whilst suggesting that Rich Coleman had been seen being entertained in the VIP lounge of a Vancouver Casino.
This was last week; did anyone else hear it?


Anonymous said...

time day of radio?

Keith said...

And to your point Ross.

Les Leyne July 3rd. or.. where the heck was an article like this while it was so blatant.? Just thought a bit and answered my own question.

RossK said...

Absolutely Keith.

I must say, I thought Michelle Ellot did a pretty good job of holding Suzanne Anton's feet to the fire on the MoCo a couple of days ago.

I plan to say a wee bit more about this in a future, perhaps post-holiday, post.


Anonymous said...

cause nuthin says minty fresh like a 24/7 turbo spin cycle?

Anonymous said...

Global's interview with Pinnock:

Sean Holman's take at the time: