Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Vancouver Model (ctd)...Is The Architect's Apprentice Attempting To Use It To His Advantage?


A fine young fellow named Hector Bremmer used to work for non-Surrey mayoral candidate, and former BC Liberal Minister of Everything, Rich Coleman.

That would be the very same Mr. Coleman who dismantled the illegal gaming enforcement team (IGET) in 2009, an act of purposeful commission that helped make it possible for an explosion in the number of hockey bags, et cetera, filled to bursting with drug-dusted cash to be plopped down on casino floors for laundering such that at least some of the cleaned-up dirty dollars very likely made their way into the high end of the Lotuslandian real estate market where they would have been willingly gobbled up by an 'industry' fully supported, aided and abetted by a Christy Clark-led, Coleman et al.-operationalized government that was notorious for dropping the puck for industries that paid them big money to play.


What is the former apprentice Mr. Bremmer up to these days?


Just in case you missed it, Bremmer is running for Vancouver Mayor as a horse ridden by (surprise!) former Liberal rain mucker, Bee Boyz runner and BCL Klout Klub leader Mark Marissen. Given all that, imagine how surprised we were to learn that the good Mr. Bremmer, has a super-duper pineapple upside-diver downish caked plan to (put the) fix (in for) the Lotuslandian real estate bund.

Jen St. Denis of the local Star Division has the story:

...Yes! Vancouver’s mayoral candidate is Hector Bremner, a Vancouver city councillor first elected as a Non-Partisan Association candidate. But Bremner left the NPA after the party’s board decided to not allow him to proceed as a mayoral nominee for their party over conflict of interest concerns.

Bremner and his supporters then formed Yes! Vancouver. The party held a nomination meeting this weekend and will run five council candidates and one candidate each for park board and school board, as well as Bremner for mayor.

Ever since he was first elected in October 2017, Bremner has advocated for more supply as the sole solution to fixing Vancouver’s affordable housing crisis.

“The federal government and the provincial government are increasing taxes, increasing interest rates, they’re doing everything they can to slow down demand but it’s really not working,” Bremner said.

“The truth is in the Lower Mainland we have over 100,000 homes trapped up in approvals and those homes need to get to people and we need to get things done.”...

The irony, for those who have been paying attention at least, it burns.


Do not expect the likes of Mikey Mike or Ron Obvious to feel the heat, however.


And don't ever forget that $800,000 in twenties is very heavy, indeed.


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