Friday, August 03, 2018

Are The Banshee Wails Of The Screamers A (North) American - Wide Problem?


The Mound of Sound has an interesting post up in which he wonders if democracy has become too darned democratic for white America. In said post he quotes from a Salon interview with USian social scientists Steven Miller and Nicholas Davis:

...To be clear: Not all Trump voters are racist or xenophobic. However, Trump's racism and xenophobia were not enough to dissuade them from voting for him, and even bringing that up is going to alienate potential subscribers, readers and viewers...


That indifference thing that justifies political expediency...

In the end isn't that indifference just as bad as the thing itself, especially when the ball really gets rolling?

All of which brings me to a recent Angus Reid poll of so-called kinder, gentler Canadians:

Weeks of questions and criticism from opposition politicians and provincial leaders about asylum-seekers crossing the border – an issue already the source of heightened anxiety and concern for Canadians – have taken a further toll on the Trudeau government’s perceived ability to manage the situation.

In the wake of emergency meetings of the Parliamentary Immigration Committee, and as Ontario Premier Doug Ford demands compensation from Ottawa for the cost of caring for those who cross the border irregularly, Canadians are growing increasingly concerned about the country’s ability to handle the flow.

Despite the recent addition of Bill Blair to cabinet as Minister of Border Security, the latest survey from the Angus Reid Institute finds two-thirds of Canadians (67%) call the current situation a “crisis”.

Further, about the same number (65%) are of the view that Canada has received “too many” irregular crossers for the country’s authorities and service providers to handle...

And, just in case you think this is not a big deal because the reasonable Canuckistanians are alright:

...These views are held not only by conservative-minded individuals, but also by more than half of those who voted for the Liberal and New Democratic parties in 2015, suggesting that asylum-seekers and border security are areas of vulnerability for the Liberal Party – and a potential effective wedge for the Conservative Party in next year’s anticipated election.

Indeed, a plurality of Canadians, including sizeable segments of past left-leaning voters, say they trust CPC leader Andrew Scheer more than the other main party leaders to deal with this file...

None of this is a good thing.

What does it all really mean, Alfie?....Well, that is a big question, but I honestly believe at least one part of the answer is that it means that the screamer sites, and that includes the Levanthian one, are more influential north of the 49th than most of us realize....Why else do you think the good Mr. Ford of Ontario has already set up his own house organ monkey grinder screamer site?
If you're interested you can find SoScientists Miller's and Davis'  recent academic paper titled 'White Outgroup Intolerance and Declining Support for American Democracy'....Here. They make a cogent case that the screamers are winning by pushing the 'otherness' issue to extremes.



Glen Clark said...

I agree completely. Anybody that thinks Canada is incapable of following down the Trump rabbit hole is dreaming. The smugness of the CBC/federal liberals/so-called elite feeds the anger of those left behind by globalization and inequality. Canada needs more left-wing populism.

JasonS said...

I'm sorry can we not sue the Murican government for allowing this to happen and actually encouraging it by non enforcement? I mean a foreign student out for a morning jog miss steps across the crazy barrier and she is arrested instantly and held for 3 months i think ? Yet hundreds of people a week drive up to a dead end cul de saq with bags and kids in tow and the US doesn't seem to care ? We should build a wall and make Trump pay for it.

e. a. f. said...

I do wonder who conducted the poll and where. Haven't heard anything amongst people out here. We've all heard Michelle Rempell of the Cons and scheer, but my impression is people are not considering it a problem In my opinion, its a problem being created by the cons, in hopes of achieving government. given some of the racists scheer comes into contact with, we need to ensure he never becomes the P.M.

could that level of poison be created in Canada, of course it could. we do need to remember that prior to Ww II a boat full of Jews fleeing Europe were turned away by the Canadian government. its something we ought never to forget and ensure it never happens again.

we are a nation of immigrants and not all got through the front door. Canada since WW II has accepted refugees from all over the world and we have done well by it.