Tuesday, August 07, 2018



Norm Farrell is up to something new and exciting.

Head on over to his place to see what it is.



e.a.f. said...

I DID! so that is what bloggers do when the age! Wonderful!

RossK said...


Personally, still have a little more aging to do before retirement...Only hope I can be involved in half the number of worthwhile projects that Norm is spearheading when I get there.


Danneau said...

Norm does great work and would make a great school trustee, or alderman/mayor, MLA. MP, ambassador or whatever. My only caveat is that working within the systemic structures often places strictures on both words and deeds. Felt pretty much the same way when Laila was putting our feelers a few years back.

Also, in a selfish way, knowing that Norm, when elected, will be serious about doing his research and preparing debate, may have less time for Insights. Less Insights would be a loss to the rest of us. (Insert smiling emoji here.)

RossK said...

But Danneau...

Norm can do everything!

(although I take your point)