Friday, August 10, 2018

There Is A Club...


As we've discussed previously, when it comes to the proMedia there is, indeed, a club.

And the local Lotuslandian division is just one of many.

Interestingly, Charlie Pierce of Esquire just broken the first rule said club, USian political division.

As Driftglass so often points out.....The first rule of the proMedia Fite or Flight Club is to never, ever call another member out no matter what they have (or have not) done.
The very fine fellow that C. Pierce called out in this case is S. Kornacki  NBC News' 'National Political Correspondent'.
Of course, it is more than tweets...Mr. Pierce has been doing a whole lotta shaking in long form as well...Regardless, the calling out of incompetence amongst the proMedia denizens is critical work that it is required to put a stop to the endless recycling of club members who consistently get things wrong and/or ignore the obvious and yet still end up back in the executive suites so that they can muddy all waters on all issues big and small on the TeeVee and in the public prints.



sd said...

Love Charlie Pierce! He's a regular on the Stephanie Miller show.

RossK said...

That'd be him sd--

Hope all is well.

'Tis a wonderful summer to be an A's fan!


Lew said...

I thought Cuomo did a reasonable job on Kobach here: