Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Haven't Done Your Duty On PropRep For British Columbia?

My excuse for being tardy has been this 'Hell Fall' by Hellfall thing that I've been pummelled by the last few months.

But now, with an assist from the friends, readers and relatives of Merv Adey, Andrew Seal, and the fine folks at The Tyee, I've made my final choices and filled in my ballot.

First thing tomorrow morning I will take it to the Elections BC office on Cambie right across from Oakridge just below 41st in central Lotusland*.

If you've been dithering you can do it too!

There's still time - you've got until Friday at 4:30 pm but you've got to take it directly to the good folks at E-BC.

You can find their nearest office, no matter where you live in our fair province....Here.

*Right before I head down to Long and McQuade to rent a PA...Doctors of Distortion have a really big show Friday night...Slowly but surely we are morphing into Bigger E's back-up band...Weirdly, fro a paternal point of view at least, I seem to be doing a lot of backing vocals on A Winehouse tunes...Need to work on my dance moves for that type of stuff though.



North Van's Grumps said...

First Asterisk:
"First thing tomorrow morning I will take it to the (ALL) Elections BC office on Cambie right across from Oakridge just below 41st in central Lotusland*."

Asterisk Explained:

There's really a band called Doctors of Distortion???

Winehouse tunes

Long and McQuade

Danneau said...

DoD: please get some video, or at least audio out there.
ProRep: had much pre-vote talk with stepson and others. Rec'd ballot October 22, mailed in Oct 23. Every day we have new evidence that something needs to counter the current morass. We certainly seem to have lost what used to be characterized (total fiction?) as British sense of fait play. The meanies are making us meaner, and it's global.

Then play on!

e.a.f. said...

I voted!

Back up singer! Not a bad career choice. Every body needs a second act and after having that PhD. what else is there to do, really. Sounds like a good career choice. For more details, there is a documentary, 20 feet from fame, or something like that. Hey do you have video you can post. Not all of us can come into Vancouver to see you! If you go big, we can all say we remember when he was a blogger and PhD. ......

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Expect the referendum to proceed to proportional representative democracy to pass with 62% support. British Columbian champagne already purchased to toast Victory.

RossK said...


I'll take the under, but am looking for 60.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thinking I am being conservative here. No groundswell against the idea apparent here and if there is not one here...

RossK said...

Cookie Dough Mike's influence must be waning out there.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

No negative rah-rah from CDM at all that I got wind of. Still be surprised if the measure passes in his riding but would not be surprised if it passes in Abby South where Orange/Green votes very nearly equaled the Liberals’ count. My feeling is Liberal voters, as opposed to Liberal machinery, think their brand will do well no matter the voting system. It will too I should think but it will have to become a lot more responsive to the circumstances of both the people and their wishes to do so.