Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Bright Side Of Life Is Not Just For The Young.


The holiday party season (family stuff excepted) is now officially over for me.

Five events over the last two weeks, only one of which featured the Doctors of Distortion backing Bigger E (that was last Friday night and my ears are still ringing a little).


I had convinced myself that last night's event was going to be the boring one. After all, a hundred or so academics stuffed into a room for five hours is not ordinarily anybody's idea of a raucous good time.

Except this year the olds showed some good sense when they stepped aside and let the gradual students run the show - and that included the food, the drink, the games, the photo booth that included a truly white-haired Santa with an acoustic guitar, the door prizes, and, especially, the music.

Once the phones and the polaroid camera (they're all the rage with the younger set these days, apparently) had been put away and I had shed red and white pile of cheap felt, I was chatting with one of the new students when the genius DJ kid slapped the Killers' 'Mr. Brightside' on the sound system and the place went berserk.

The student I was talking to, who happens to be from England, apologized as he sprinted for the dance floor, shouting back over his shoulder that when you grew up there in the 'aughts this was 'the song' in high school.

Fair enough, I thought as I joined in with everyone around me and started shouting the chorus at the top of my lungs.

Because, as everybody knows, all great anthems are for the young at heart, chronological age be damned.


I'm pretty sure the only reader 'round here who will get the sub-header on this one is the good Mr. Willcocks from across the water...Then again, maybe someone from Denton Texas will stumble on by...



Hugh said...

If your ears are ringing it's way too loud. Tinnitus is not good.


Anonymous said...

RossK said...


Everytime, we start out quiet(er).

But by the end of the night, well...





Glen Clark said...

I first heard the Killers while driving on the wrong side down a highway in England listening to the BBC. The song was All These Things That I've Done. Absolutely love this band. I was surprised to learn they were from vegas. great "singability"!!

RossK said...


I agree...

And I wonder if, maybe, they don't get enough credit because they blew up so fast.