Monday, December 03, 2018

The Decline Of The US Republicans Did Not Begin In 2016.


On the occasion of passing of the patriarch of the Prescott wing of the Bush family dynasty, two most excellent American bloggers remind us that, despite what you have been hearing, seeing and reading in all the usually suspect proMedia organs, what has come to be called Trumpism did not begin with Trump.

First, 'Driftglass' on the reign of Bush I:

...George Herbert Walker Bush's dreamed of a GOP run as a gentleman's farm: orderly and well-tended by old-money, patrician internationalists. Maintained by loyalty and noblesse oblige. But Bush 41 was also perfectly willing to countenance putting every monstrous trait that has come to define the modern Republican party in-harness to pull the plow and bust the sod of his gentleman's farm...


...Any man who served Nixon and Reagan knew perfectly well what sort of volatile, radioactive ingredients that had gone into building the modern Republican party. And while Bush 41, gentleman political farmer, had no stomach for dirtying his hands by personally attending to the important business of rilin' up the grass roots bigots and the imbeciles, he was quote happy to job out that filthy work to the help. To ace Republican ratfucker, Lee Atwater. The same Lee Atwater who mentored Karl Rove and George W. Bush in the dark arts of bringing bigots to a fine boil and then getting them to the polls...

Second, 'Mike The Mad Biologist' on the reign of Bush II:

...(S)ome perspective is in order here: it was bad during the reign of Little Lord Pontchartrain, and many of the exact same things, such as bigotry and corruption were there, but many people didn’t see them. Hell, the plight of black New Orleans residents as they walked through white neighborhoods alone was every bit as racist and vile, never mind the cops who went ‘hunting’. It all didn’t suddenly go to shit in 2016, it was bad long before then.

Why does stomping out all the forgettery that is going down matter?

Because fine folks like, say, our own Mr. Frum are already quite far along on building the lifeboats to save all those fine and upstanding 'reasonable' Republicans for (yet another) day:

If you get my drift and/or madness in my own private biology*.


*Which, just in case you've ever wondered, is actually a really real thing, the biology I mean.



sd said...

And don't forget he put C.Thomas on the supreme. I guess when frump is gone we'll remember his humor?

Sub-Boreal said...

Tramp the dirt down.

Lulymay said...

Good grief!!! CBC had Bush1's funeral on all morning. And the Americans like to make fun of the Brits' pomp and ceremony. I was waiting with bated breath to hear the choir start belting out a round of "God Save the King" but then I realized that they couldn't take that chance because Trump would think it was being played for him! Stupid b-turd that he is....

e.a.f. said...

It started it Nixon and the attacks on society began with Regan. He wanted taxes lowered and it just went down hill from there. The bigotry has always been there. It just that bigotry is now "socially acceptable" once again with dtrump as president. For a few decades it was considered impolite to engage in the use of certain words, that's over now. it will continue to go down hill. there is an increase in anti Semitism,--check out Harvey O.s blog, keeping it real on that one.

When you compare Bush 1 to Dtrump, yes he was much better, but then that isn't much to compare some one to. the good old days really aren't the good old days, its just our brains don't like to dwell on the ugly past.

off-the-radar said...

Hey e.a.f, do you think Trump is worse than George Bush the elder? I think Bush was 10x as effective in advancing the deep state agenda and screwing the people in the States, in the Middle East and in Central America.

Trump is an obvious buffoon, which is why the deep state is doing back flips to remove him and install another smooth corporate puppet a la Macron/Trudeau/Obama.

Glenn Greenwald notes that Obama did more to advance the elite agenda than the Republicans could ever have dreamed of.

Ross: so nice to see you posting again! thank you!