Friday, November 18, 2005

Vancouver Votes, Left - Reason #16


So, integrity, is apparently why the Vancouver Sun is endorsing Sam Sullivan:

"Green is a hard-working councillor. He was Larry Campbell's right-hand man, the one who gave the mayor's musings meaning. He is a pragmatic dealmaker and bon vivant who enjoys seeing his efforts bear fruit.....


Green has also suggested that the city's exposure to the bloated Woodward's development will be close to zero, when citizens are on the hook for at least a $13.5 million shortfall, not including holding costs and related expenses. (The Sun supports the redevelopment, but not at any cost.)

Unfortunately, all of this raises questions about Green's credibility, an ingredient we think is necessary to be the first citizen of Vancouver.

In contrast, Sullivan has shown over his 12 years as a councillor that he cares as much about the cost of services as providing them. He has fought extravagance and waste, condemned ideological posturing and opposed resolutions on matters beyond municipal jurisdiction.


Guess the Editorial Overloards, errrrrr.....Writers at the Sun haven't heard about the 'Swiftboat Liars for Sam'.

But Waltonesque, Republican-style, SpinSmearers notwithstanding, what is confusing to us is why Mr. Sullivan himself gets a free ride.

Case in point, while he was defaming Mr. Green yesterday Sullivan told a CBC radio commentator that COPE itself (not just rag-tag band of assembled insurrectionists) was actually against Green.

When he was called on it, Sullivan responded, with a smirk in his voice, that COPE councillors had told him some pretty awful things about Green in private, but that, well, he should probably, he guessed, just keep that quiet.

Smears and innuendo - it appears to be Mr. Sullivan's stock-in-trade.

And the local mainstream media, including the CBC, in an effort to uphold the now unviolable law of 'he said/she said journalism' as a generator of dual truths is turning a blind eye to it all.

And that is a shame.


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