Friday, November 25, 2005

Why Does Maximus Suck?


Why can't the American giant Maximus Corp, which we are paying $240 million dollars to answer our phones for our medical system, do its job properly?

In fact, it is so bad that it has been fined every single month for seven months since the contract signed commander Gordon Campbell and the BC Privatization Buccaneers began because Maximus apparently can't come even close to meeting performance quotas.

Well, according to Maximus CEO Lynn Davenport it's because we are so darned foreign and because (at least in the past) we have paid our people a living wage to answer our phones for our medical system.

Asked why things have not gone smoothly in B.C., Davenport replied: "We're doing this project in another country and we're doing it in a union environment."

So, how are they going to fix the problem? Why, by firing people of course.

Here's Davenport again:

"Beginning in January, we're going to be reducing our staffing," Davenport told analysts, adding later that the company plans to provide "better service with less people."

You got that? They are saying they are going to reduce service when they can't meet service commitments now.

Of course Maximus is saying they have to do this because they are losing so much money because of the fines which they have hinted are 'politically motivated'. Our question is this - given how much money Maximus/Minimus is raking in (as we detailed here), and given how lousy they are at providing their so-called 'core' services, why should we believe their accounting is any better?

That Privatization Pirateship - sure doesn't look so good when you're being forced to walk the plank, tattered health care plan paperwork in hand.

Nice work by Russ Francis of Monday Magazine on this one.


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