Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vancouver Civic Election: Post-Voting Numbers Nugget....

.....It's The Density Stoopid!



Last night, during the live flogging, I gave CKNW election-coverage moderator-man John McComb a hard time for his repeated utterings of content-challenged rhetoric that were so inane they bordered on the mockumenteric mutterings of a mellifluous mannequin.

And now I'm going back at Mr. McComb again.

This time to revisit his ridiculously naive comment near the end of the night that, upon looking at the Red/Green poll-by-poll results map, it looked like things were pretty much split right down the middle between Gregor Robertson and Peter Ladner.

Now, the 'split-down-the-middle' comment is actually considerably less insightful than the utterings of the titanness of the twitter, Miss604, who made the pithy observation that all those poor people in the NorthEast quadrant went to his Gregorness while the rich folk of the West went for the P-man (whose family's money is) behind Business Vancouver.

What Miss 604 failed to mention, however, was the fact that her own neighbourhood, not to mention pretty much the entire downtown core and all of the west end, went Vision.

And therein lies the real golden nugget of the thing.

Perhaps we should actually have one more look at that poll-by-poll results map before I explain.

OK, OK, OK....I will admit that on first blush, both Mr. McComb and Miss 604 were right.

But the thing to realize is that none of that matters anymore.


Because there's something missing from that map.

It's right there in front of you, but you cannot see it unless you utilize the theatre of your mind.

And squint while you utter the word.........



What the heckfire am I talking about here?

Well, look at that map, above, again.

Notice Downtown?

Notice all of Kits?

Notice almost all of False Creek?

Notice the burgeoning Main, Kingsway and Knight St. Highrise corridors?

Notice the density in every single one of those neighbourhoods?

And finally......

Notice it all went to Vision.....

ALL of it.

Which makes me wonder how long it will be before the good folks of Red Rump Shaughnessy, Dunbar and Point Grey start demanding wards they can call their own.

Which will be ironic in the extreme.

Not to mention most 'Cremey'.


Looks like Mr. McComb and Miss 604 had the jump on the venerable Lotuslandian CBC who posted up the following after all was said and done: "the vote split along clean geographic and socio-economic lines, with Vision taking the mayoral vote in East Vancouver and Kitsilano, and the right-of-centre NPA sweeping the more affluent westside neighbourhoods and some polls in South Vancouver....." no mention of the entire downtown or the West End or Coal Harbour, none of which is low on the 'affluent' scale, as for density/numbers, well (gosh, thought that the Cluffmaster Flashish Anti-Insight Factory Workers at the Ceeb had taken the night off - guess I was wrong).....



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