Monday, November 10, 2008

Where The Heckfire Is Pat Burns When We Need Him?


Is it just me, or is Vancouver radio dead, especially in comparison to the wild-eyed-riding, blitzkrieg-bopping-brand of talk-radio we used to have round here.

I guess this topic popped into my head tonight as I was making the rounds of the local tubes looking for the latest on the 100 million dollar Olympic Village bailout boondoggle.....

I mean, can you imagine how much more interesting it alll would be to have Mr. Burns, or Mr. Bannerman, or Mr. Webster, or the Rafeinator, or even David Berner on the air for 10 or 12 hours a day straight instead of stupid, not to mention repetitive, sportstalk and/or brain-dead "traffic, news and weather-together" pablum, right about now.

In comparison, the sanitized 1/2 hour blocks on the Goodship Watercarrier and the highly selective ranting of Ms. Clark b/w fluffy kitten stories just don't cut the mustard.

And as for that faux outrage of Mr. Adler from wherever the heckfire on the continent his bunker is located.....?

Don't even get me started.


Update: Reader JJ let us know, off line that there is a 6-8pm alternative...."It's not much, but I don't know if you've heard about the Dave Brindle show on Talk 1410 - he hosts a mostly call-in show that focuses mostly on political and local issues like Insite and tasers. It's a fairly amateur affair and light on substance, but it might sate your appetite for talk radio between 6 and 8 pm on weekdays."....At the very least, it's worth a listen, I reckon.


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Grant said...

This is the show with no false gods or sacred cows! This is the show that wants you to think, dares you to think and having done that, think before you speak. Put please, do it in that order! It will make it easier for both of us!
Burns on line, go ahead!