Thursday, November 05, 2009

So When, Exactly Did The Calgary Flames (and their families) Get Their 'Exclusive' Flu Shots?



Turns out it was last Friday, Oct 30th:

"....Ken King, president of the (Calgary) Flames (professional hockey club), said Tuesday (Nov 03/09) the players and their families received their shots on Friday (Oct 30/09) at a private location....."

Hmmmm....Didn't the province of Alberta shut down all their public clinics at public locations the very next day, on Saturday, Oct 31st?

And why, precisely, did the Calgary Flames (and their management, and their families) feel that they were justified in getting their 'private' shots at a very private location BEFORE all those members of the public who are at high risk of suffering serious complications and/or death if they were to contract the H1N1 virus because they could not get vaccinated in time?

Well, apparently, it had something to do with the fear of the rampant spreading of contagion that is being facilitated by those those coughing, sneezing and wheezing customs officers that patrol the US/Canada border.


...(Flames president) King said they felt the shots were a priority for the players because of their extensive cross-border travel and the close-contact physical nature of their sport....


(and I, for one, can't wait for some waterheaded commentator like, say, oh I dunno, this guy, to say something about how this just proves that the 'public system is broken!')


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