Sunday, January 29, 2012

Welcome To The Good Old Days



Sunday Morning Update: For those stopping by after Eleanor Gregory's shout-out on PublicEye Radio this morning, our speculative right-sided fusion post is here...And, for the record, the 39% Dipper 'stall' raised by Mr. Holman on the radio show was the impetus for that post

This is a song for Santa Rosa Jon.

Its about the ways things were not so long ago, the way they are now, and the way they were way back when.

Most importantly, it is also a song about the way things just might become again if we're not careful.

At least I think that's what it's about.

But, then again, I'm not entirely sure because the words aren't actually my own....

As mentioned the other day, this all started as a comment from Jon over at Beer's place....Beer then turned it into a poem....And, well....All of that just begged for songification, even if it does sound like it is wrapped in sodden moss and buried deep within a peat bog...



Your driver said...

Are you familiar with my connection to that photograph? A couple of my aunts are convinced that the guy on the right, the one holding on to a pint bottle, is my grandfather. I can see a little bit of resemblance to other family members and he was a bad drunk. It's quite possible.

Your driver said...

I picked up my ukulele and started puzzling it out right away. I'll have to listen carefully and write down the words. Chords seemed simple enough. Key of G? Just the I, IV and V yes? Hopefully I'll have my own version worked up soon enough. Thanks Ross.

RossK said...

The photo?


As soon as I read your comment, I thought of those high-in-the-sky guys.



Yup, it's In G.

Verse Em/C
Chorus G/D/C

I play in three keys...Which are all the ones I have harmonicas for.

Gotta get me an E harpoon too though.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Music and voice add to the poignancy of the Bard of Santa Rosa's well chosen words. Well done.

I have been casting my gaze more so than usual towards those modern men and women who have laid out the welcome mat to the good old days. As well I should. Renewing my familiarity with Bakunin was bound to do that.

The face cards in the deck we are playing with presently are still up to the tricks the numbered cards, working people, confronted with moderate success centuries ago. It is the Wecome Mat compromisers like our Prime Minister, who proposes to raise the age Canadians may collect their Old Age Security pension (if they do not fall to the ground first) rather than deny such a pension entirely, that are the threat that must be met. Met with ethical means, I might add.

RossK said...

Comments on Bakunin will have to wait until this science-geek figures out more about him and his than can be learned by a quick Wiki scan.

But, as to the card game...

Face cards must be dealt with, but I am more concerned by the wild cards and the jokers.

But what really makes nervous are the folks that currently own the house where the cards are being dealt.

I mean, just how many decks are they playing with these days, anyway?


Don F. said...

Awesome Ross!!!

RossK said...

Thanks Don...Just can't get sound of guitar w/out mud...Darned Garageband...I have good mike and decent USB pre-amp and it still sounds like crap...Do I have to go big and get pro-tools?

It's weird, but it actually sounds better on my cheap camera..I just want to be able to overlay tracks.


Don F. said...

Hey Ross,
The problem is mainly in relying on computer soundcard. An interface like an M-audio fastrack will surely help.
May i suggest you consider something like the Zoom H4n hanheld recorder which delivers much versatility and high quality sound along with multitracking. Accepts external mics and instrument inputs. I have recorded complete songs with multiple tracks very satifactorily with mine.
It truly is like a studio in your hand and can be used in multiple recording situations with outstanding transparent results. The file can then be transfered to computer in either wave or mp3 format.
If you have any questions email me and I will try to help as much as I can.

RossK said...

Fantastic Don.



Anonymous said...

that was amaaaaaazing!


Don F. said...

One thing I should add Ross that may give improvement immediately with what you have is to 'not' place the mic at the soundhole of the guitar. Try placing it at the twelfth fret or so on the fingerboard. The bass will project too much at the soundhole and cause that muddy sound.
Also try the mic farther away in increments to avoid proximity effect on the mic.
On acoustic guitars being mic'd position is everything.

RossK said...


First family comment ever, I reckon.

Thanks Don-- will fiddle...Also have already had a look at the Zoom H4n - sounds like it will be great for all kinds of stuff, including the (non-musical) business I'm in...

Oh, and apologies to Jon and anyone else who might have picked up on the misdirection when I described the genesis of the tune as it came from nowhere while I worked the word/poem into a standard songification format....The melody is more a rip-off of 'Cowgirls in the Sand' than 'Southern Man', which Bigger E played, in front of a real band, at a downtown (but not commercial) Montreal venue last week.