Friday, September 21, 2012

LibCon Cold Fusion Comin' Down?


The herd is a buzzin' this mornin'.

And its members are very busy re-tweeting each other's more outlandish stuff.

The big one seems to be Ron Obvious' tongue-in-cheek  suggestion that the LINO announcement to come out in the 'Wack just before lunch will be something about a fusion thing.


Where the heck is Holman and his actual, you know, sources, when you really need him and them.

To be fair, the Maceman now looks to be backing off a little in the wake of the announcement that he who took the heat for the Gord on the HST is not running again...Of course, when you are just making stuff up it's easy to have things every which way but loose...
My best guess, based on the past performance of Jelly Roll et al...It will be a trumping-up of some kind of minor defection  announced today in an effort to put the innoculatory shiv into the  coming spincycle as the BC-Cons head off to their convention this weekend.

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