Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Sunday Setlist Round-Up Post (Outside The Polar Vortex Division)


Friday Dec 6th Update...They're all here now....All six of them...From March to November...
Sorry to keep going on and on about this, but...The numbers  have me completely and totally flummoxed...Case in point, the March and two April sets have more than 50,000 listens (each!)...And all the others are chugging along as well...To put this into some sort of weird, bizarre perspective, the Canadian Recording Industry Association considers 40,000 digital downloads to be a gold record.
So...Thanks so much to each and everyone of you who has had a listen and/or sent me a note...I really am overwhelmed by it all.

Below is a compilation of all the Sunday Setlists (so that you don't have to root around to find them after they fall off the bottom of the front page).


March 31st...'The Easter Sunday' setlist featuring interpretations/butchering of the music of The Lumineers, The Felice Brothers, Aidan Knight, The Mountain Goats, and more (details here):

April 14th...The 'Song for Santa Rosa Jon' setlist featuring an original and a couple of covers, one of which is a reworking of Woody lyrics by Mr. Bragg and those guys from Chicago (details here):

April 28th...The 'Music For Moving' setlist featuring the mangling of one of Neil's quiet ones, early Springsteen and one of Gibbard and Farrar's odes to Jack Keroauc (details here):

May 26th... The 'Memorial Day' setlist featuring the return of E. as well as some stomping along with (on?) Mr. Dylan (details here):

Sept 2nd...The 'Back To School' setlist featuring a secret duet with Bigger E., a re-worked version of Sam Cooke's Wonderful World for littler e.,  a John Darnielle song about high school that has changed people's lives, and Daniel Johnston's song of warning for Jesse Pinkman (details here):

Nov 24th... The 'Lend Me Your Ear' setlist featuring a mangling of Bowie's Heroes (turned it into a J.Tweedy/M.Timmins hybrid on the back of Jakob Dylan's arrangement)...E. told me her favourite, though, is the slightly Shakey-i-fied rendition of 'Home On The Range' (details here):



karen said...

I like that you keep bumping this and that it is all in one place. ('Course, it is all in one place in my itunes, too, where I listen to it regularly).

I wanted to tell you that I bought John Fogerty's new cd. I watched the video you put up last month, and searched him out and listened for a few days. My mom was a huge CCR fan and listening to John Fogerty was like the soundtrack of my childhood. I kept meaning to download "Wrote a Song for Everyone" and not really getting around to it, because I actually like the hard product and the pictures and (hopefully) the liner notes. So there it was looking at me when I was doing something else in an electronics store, and it felt promisingly thick and I bought it. Mr Fogerty did not disappoint. The album is great listening, but the liner notes are wonderful! I always liked his music, but now I am a fan of the man, too.
And! The extremely nice young man who took my money turned the album over and examined it and we talked about it and he said he was going to pick it up for his road trip today.

So thanks for the Fogerty post, too.

RossK said...

You are welcome Karen!

(a bunch of folks kept bugging me about these falling off the front page and then being impossible to find)

Great to hear about Mr. Fogerty's latest. I've listened to some of it and now will buy it for sure.


karen said...

regarding being freaked out and stressing now about making it "sound good:"

It already sounds good. And your fans like it enough that we have listened to it 20,000 times.

What would you tell a musician you admire if he wrote that sentence? You would say, "play what you like for the joy of playing." The people who like what you have so joyfully done don't want anything more than to hear you play what you like to play.

RossK said...

Oh boy.

Thanks for the whack up the side of the head Karen.

(I think)


karen said...

Ha! Well, I figured I'd get the whack if I said well hell, now I feel bad for being one of your followers and stressing you out. :)

Anonymous said...

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